43 Inch TV Black Friday Deals 2020

43 Inch TV Black Friday Deals 2020

I guess you are looking for a perfect deal on high-end 43 inch TV. Well, you are at the right place at the right time. Let me inform you that Black Friday 2020 sale is going on and it has brought some mind-blowing deals on 43 inch TVs. Here, you can find the top 5 trending 43 Inch TV Black Friday deals 2020.

These deals are offering heavy discounts on these high-end TVs. So, quickly check these deals out and grab heavy discounts on your favorite TV.

Top 5 Trending 43 Inch TV Black Friday Deals 2020

TCL 43S517 43 inch Black Friday Deal 2020

TCL 43S517 Black Friday Deal 2020

On the top of the list is the TCL 43S517 43 inch Black Friday deal 2020. The TCL 43S517 is a 43-inch Roku smart 4k TV that combines an attractive construction and powerful performance with a price that is affordable for numerous customers on the market.

So let’s get straight into the action and find out what’s so special about it.

From a design perspective, this model comes with a sleek and surprisingly thin construction. It is followed by narrow 0.35-inch bezels that are present around the display while at the bottom there are glossy black plastic feet.

These feet are positioned on each side which is sturdy enough to keep this unit stay fixed in place on a variety of surfaces. In addition, this TV supports 200 by 200 millimeter VESA mount. So you can mount it on your wall if you prefer to save some space.

However, please note that it will not completely flush with the wall since it will leave a gap of maybe 2 inches. At the rear, you will find an array of connection ports including 3 HDMI ports of which one has arc support, an RF connector for connecting cable or antenna single USB port, a headphone jack, an Ethernet port, and a headphone jack.

This means that you will be fully backed up. Now let’s talk about the performance. This TV employs an edge LED backlighting a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels with 4k upscaling.

It becomes more interesting when we add the fact that it has Dolby vision HDR technology. It means that the 43S517 will output brilliant color accuracy that will be filled with clarity and detail for your ultimate user experience.

Moving on, TCL has also included their well-known MVP photon technology which will boost the wide color space coverage. Even more to some tests, we’ve seen this TV can reproduce up to 99.8 percent of the colors available in the sRGB color space.

Aside from watching movies, this TV is capable enough to let you play your favorite games with a low input lag. Those who’ve tried gaming with this TV, they know that the overall quality is crisp and well-defined.

I’m sure that you will love it. To conclude, TCL 43S517 deserves your attention so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality.


Sony KD43X720E 43-Inch TV Black Friday Deal 2020

Sony KD43X720E 43-Inch TV Black Friday Deal 2020

Another trending deal is the Sony KD43X720E 43-Inch TV Black Friday deal 2020. The Sony KD43X720E is one of the most beautiful Smart TVs I’ve ever seen. By beautiful, I think of everything starting from its design and all the way up to the picture it produces.

That’s why to stick with me for the next couple of minutes in order to find out what else can you expect from it.

If you look at the design perspective, the KD43X720E has an attractive Black colored plastic construction with relatively thin borders that are plastic as the rest of the TV. But let the use of plastic not mislead you since there are numerous screws spread throughout the body that add a strong feeling.

In addition, the connection ports include 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB 2.0 ports single component and composite hybrid, an Ethernet port, a 3.5 millimeter analog audio output and a digital optical audio output.

So as you can see you won’t be restricted on anything. At the bottom, there is the iconic central stand which according to the users does not only completely blend with the TV’s aesthetics but it also does a really good job in keeping it stable.

However, you will have the freedom to mount it on a Visa 100 by 200 mount as well so you shouldn’t worry literally about anything. Now let’s talk about the features. The KD43X720E uses the 4k x-reality pro processing system which is highly effective in upscaling.

The images to near 4k clarity and that’s why when you turn on the TV and start watching your favorite movies in series you will notice that the picture looks clear and natural.

Moving on, Sony has implemented the dynamic contrast enhancer technology as well whose primary purpose is to reveal and enhance the definition of the blacks and whites. This Tv comes with the intention to provide you a natural tonal grade datian of which he won’t stop admiring.

Finally, thanks to the motion XR technology and the refresh rate of 60 Hertz. This TV will let you watch sports and ensure that even the most dynamic moments will be captured properly. This is maybe the main reason why our users satisfied with its performance.

Overall, the Sony KD43X720E is worthy of considering so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality.

LG Electronics 43UK6300PUE 43-Inch TV Black Friday Deal 2020

LG Electronics 43UK6300PUE 43-Inch TV Black Friday Deal 2020

Next, we have the LG’s UK 6300 TV Black Friday 2020 deal. The LG’s 43 inches 43UK6300PUE is a 2020 model that has quickly established itself as a top option on the market. You’ve likely seen it appearing numerous times as a recommended option on the Internet.

So let’s find out what’s the secret behind its success. From a design perspective, this model has an eye-catching all-black body that has thicker borders when compared with most of the high-end TVs.

At the bottom, you can instantly notice the 2 feet which share the aesthetics of the TV on one side. While on the other, they’re sturdy enough to maintain a higher level of stability.

So you don’t have to stress about anything in terms of the connection ports. You can find 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 digital optical audio output, 1 composite input shared with component, a tuner and an Ethernet port.

But now let’s talk about the performance. This unit is powered by a quad-core processor. It has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16 to 9 and uses the IPS technology.

So when we combine these 4 things into one piece, it means that you will see crystal-clear visuals even if you view from wide angles.

Another great thing about this model is the use of the advanced tone mapping technology. This in practice means that the TV will deliver scene-by-scene optimization with the intention to yield the best possible picture for you.

So for now, I don’t have any remarks.

Moving on, since UK6300 is a smart TV running on the WebOS. You won’t face any difficulties in terms of navigation but instead, you will be given an opportunity to choose from the dozens of movies and TV shows available for rental or purchase.

Before we end, I would also like to mention that this model can be controlled via speech as well which is really cool.

However, keep in mind that you should get the LG magic remote which is purchased separately. To conclude, if you’re looking for a smart 4k TV that offers a great value for its cost then this is the one for you.


Sony XBR43X800E 43-Inch TV Black Friday Deal 2020

Sony XBR43X800E 43-Inch TV Black Friday Deal 2020

Next trending deal on 43 inch TV is Sony XBR43X800E 43-Inch TV Black Friday deal 2020. The Sony XBR43X800E would be an excellent option for you especially if you’re keen on investing in a 4k Smart TV that is suitable for both casual and gaming use.

From a design perspective, this model boasts a slim mainly plastic muted gray construction that is supported by a U-shaped stand which will not only keep the cabinet stable but it will also ease your cable management.

Thanks to its channels, that are built into the back legs on the left side of the TV. There are 3 USB ports in total, a coaxial connector, and 2 HDMI ports while on the back you can find 2 additional HDMI inputs, an Ethernet jack, a digital audio connection, and a component video input.

But now let’s talk about the performance, this particular model has a 43 inch IPS panel that uses the trial aminos technology which has a purpose to ensure that the color accuracy will be bright and consistent.

So as you can expect the final results would be you seeing lifelike visuals that will keep you completely immersed. In addition, the XBR43X800E incorporates the 4k x-reality pro picture processing as well.

What’s cool about it is that the TV will be capable enough to reveal you deep blacks and bright whites so regardless if you’re gaming or watching movies you will be equally satisfied with its performance.

For instance, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 pro gamers will benefit highly from having a TV of this caliber due to the fact that the native refresh rate of 60 Hertz is paired with the Motionflow XR technology. It will drastically improve the motion quality so that the fast-moving objects will be captured properly.

In the end, your gaming experience will be top-notch indeed. Last but not least, if you’re a movie fanatic then you can take an advantage over the most popular streaming services and apps that are supported by this TV including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon video, so your movie marathon session can start right away.

Overall, I strongly recommend you consider the Sony XBR43X800E so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality.


Samsung UN43NU7100FXZA Black Friday Deal 2020

Samsung UN43NU7100FXZA Black Friday Deal 2020

Another super amazing deal available right now is the Samsung UN43NU7100FXZA Black Friday deal 2020. The Samsung UN43NU7100FXZA is a 43 inch 4k UHD Smart TV that was released this year.

As you may expect, it comes armed with the latest technologies that will elevate your user experience to a whole new level.

If you look at the design aspect, this particular model has a slim all-black plastic construction that is supported by modern feet positioned on each side.

What’s interesting about them is that they are distant enough from each other to let you place a sound bar between. At the back, you can notice the textured finish which adds even more beauty to its already beautiful appearance.

Also at the back, there are the connection ports including 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an RF input digital optical audio, output single composite input, and an Ethernet port.

So in terms of connection ports, I think that they are quite sufficient. Now, let’s talk about the features. The NU7100FXZA utilizes many technologies of which the most notable as the per color which is the name states will ensure that that the picture you see will be vibrant and filled with millions of shades.

On the other side, the motion rate 120 will be there for you to maximize the definition of the fluid motions that you may encounter while watching dynamic scenes.

In practice this technology will eliminate the blur that may appear and this is amazing especially if you’re into sports or you prefer watching action or sci-fi movies.

Moreover, those who purchased this product claimed that the visuals are truly stunning and they even used this TV for console gaming because of its low input lag and it’s decent response time.

However, fast paced game may sometimes suffer from motion blur. I would also like to mention that since it is a smart TV, this unit comes with a few pre-installed apps including Amazon Video, Netflix and YouTube.

But since Samsung’s App Store has dozens of apps available feel free to expand the selection of your apps. Overall, I’d recommend you seriously consider the Samsung and use 7100. If you ever decide to purchase it you will feel the instant and what makes this TV differ from the others on the market.


Verdict: 43 Inch TV Black Friday Deals 2020

Shop these Black Friday 43 inch television deals for the best prices. Trust me you won’t be getting this much discount in the normal season. So quickly check out the deals.


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