66 Audio PRO Voice Black Friday Deals 2023

66 Audio PRO Voice Black Friday Deals 2022

66 Audio PRO Voice Black Friday Deals 2023

The 66 Audio PRO Voice has impressed the market ever since its initial release.  Grab them at a discount with this staggering 66 Audio PRO Voice Black Friday Deal 2023.

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66 Audio PRO Voice Black Friday Deals 2023

You’ve probably seen it multiple times appearing on the internet which by default means that there is something special about these headphones well let’s get straight into the action and reveal what’s so special about it.

These headphones have a minimalist on-ear design which basically means that they have a sleek black and blue finished on ear, foldable construction that consists of memory foam cushions and a headband that does not only sits gently on your ears but it also offers a higher level of stability which means that it won’t fall even if you train intensely.

When it comes to the controls on the right ear cup there is a dedicated button for skipping to the next track, a button for switching to the previous track, a button that will toggle between playing and pausing your music which is actually the one position on the middle and two buttons for controlling the volume.

But now let’s talk about the performance.

These headphones are armed with 36 millimeter precision HD drivers with neodymium magnets which support both AAC, aptX, FLAC, MP3 as well as other codecs and those who’ve purchased as unit claimed that the audio is filled with a strong bass response crisp highs and well-defined mids meaning that the overall audio representation will fully immerse you to the tracks you listen to.

For your information, the pro voice have a wireless range of 125 feet which is something that I particularly like however bear in mind that this may vary in practice since everything depends on environmental factors.

Moreover I’d also like to mention that this unit is Alexa enabled as well so you can use your voice in order to deliver specific instructions for certain things but let’s not also forget the motion control app which is available for both iOS and Android devices of which you can  take an advantage and tailor the audio exactly as you’d like.

Finally, the battery life is expected to last around 40 hours according to the manufacturer and even though this may vary in practice these headphones are still absolutely great.

Conclusion: 66 Audio PRO Voice Black Friday Deals 2023

To conclude I strongly recommend you consider the 66 Audio PRO Voice Black Friday Deal because they feel comfortable and can output truly enjoyable audio.

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