Action Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

Top 5 Action Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

Action cameras are unlike any other kind of camera they’re designed to be attached to helmets surfboards cars and other objects and their small tough and simple to operate with a lens that captures the world in high-definition video choosing the right action camera can be tricky there are hundreds of action cams out there ranging from feature-packed 4k action cameras to cheap budget options so which is the best action camera for you and what features do you need well no worries stay tuned as today we’ll bring you the five best action cameras on the market today.


DJI Osmo Pocket Action Camera Black Friday Deal 2019

Coming strong at our number one position we have the DJI Osmo pocket a handheld 12 megapixel camera which takes super smooth video thanks to a special gimbal that keeps the lens stabilized along three axes DJI has created a completely new category with this device indeed they’ve managed to shrink the gimbal down to a truly pocketable device unlike some other devices which have pocket in their name this one you can actually put in your pocket the Osmo pocket works without a smartphone – thanks to a pair of physical buttons microSD card slot and small touchscreen providing on-screen controls and doubling as a viewfinder you can however use the pockets expansion port to take advantage of smartphones with a lightning or USBC connector and gain access to more granular controls that expansion slot also supports accessories like charging cases extension rods and accessory mounts if you use the Osmo pocket to snap photos your files will be captured in JPEG or JPEG plus raw formats and the images come out very good while the Osmo pocket takes some decent photos it’s very clear that DJI wasn’t focused on photography when designing this device what the Osmo pocket is really designed to do is shoot video and there are tons of features geared to creating some really neat footage in addition to usual video footage like slow-motion time-lapse and motion lapse you can also use the gimbal to track faces and other objects DJ eyes face track feature automatically stays focused on your face when the gimbal is in selfie mode and the active track feature allows you to manually select what you want to track to sum up if you’ve never owned a mobile gimbal camera before the DJI Osmo pocket is a perfect device for you it has all the features you want from a gimbal while being both small and physical size and very straightforward to use all at a reasonable price.


GoPro HERO7 Action Camera Black Friday Deal 2019

next on our list we have the GoPro Hero 7 black each year GoPro finds a small new way to improve on the best but the hero 7 black has made a giant leap in electronic image stabilization sure this feature has been around for several generations now but its implementation in the hero 7 black is a significant improvement to the point where the GoPro has even coined a new name for it hyper smooth it even allowed us to capture perfectly stable footage of a downhill mountain bike ride GoPros new flagship action cam also now features native live streaming so you can show off your stunts on Facebook YouTube twitch Vimeo and more the sound recording capabilities have also been improved promising less vibration noise and better dynamic range the range from quiet to loud sounds the microphone can capture without distorting and of course the hero 7 black includes all the standard features we’ve come to expect from GoPro like waterproofing without the need for a case a nice touchscreen an interface and the ubiquitous GoPro mount that lets you attach the camera to virtually anything with the right accessory there’s a touchscreen on the rear of the Hero 7 black which has also been improved for smoother gestures but this is where it gets exciting you can also use your voice to control the action cam this is handy in situations where you can’t physically reach the hero 7 easily such as when you’re surfing climbing or snowboarding to sum up using the GoPro Hero 7 black reminds you just why the company has dominated this market while expensive and not without fault it’s great to see that the companies paying attention to key areas like video stabilization great videos great images and most importantly great fun.


YI 4K Sports and Action Camera Black Friday Deal 2019

Now let’s continue at number three on our list we have the yi4 k plus action camera if you’re more interested in saving money on features you didn’t even want the yi4 k plus action camera is one of the simplest and best designed gadgets around the overall shape is what you’d expect from a camera that’s targeting the market of the action cameras it features a familiar boxy design that’s flat on the top and bottom but with a slight curve on the sides that gives the 4k plus a unique profile aesthetically the weii 4k plus is quite the looker as far as action cams go it has a single button on the entire device and a USB type-c port on the side on the bottom of the camera is an access door for its 1400 mAh battery and microSD slot as well as a standard tripod mount inside the weii 4k plus is where the real fun begins the y:i 4k plus does 4k at 60 frames per second what this means is you can expect much smoother footage even when shooting at the highest resolution there’s also 120 feet per second at 180 P shooting for slow-motion footage and electronic image stabilization makes a return here the electronic image stabilization proved impressive as well it won’t be smoothing out for every bump from a rough mountain bike session but it dramatically reduces the shakiness and almost entirely eliminate shake when walking with it handheld weii is known for pumping high-tech features into affordable devices and the 4k plus continues to be an example of this a year into its life mostly thanks to the price reduction you’ll have a hard time finding more bang for your buck.


Tom Tom Bandit Action camera Black Friday Deal 2019

next on the list we have the TomTom bandit camera while TomTom is a company best known for their mapping and navigation services the TomTom Bandit marks a strong foray into the world of action cameras tom-toms attention to design detail and usability is apparent from the outset the exterior of the cameras neat and tidy with a large easy-to-read LCD though this is not a live view screen merely shows menu settings along the cameras selected mode and options a separate four-way control panel and stop buttons join it on top while the back of the camera features the start and highlight button this enables you to instantly tag Clips as they’re recording video resolution and frame rate is key to capturing the action and the Bandit meets the demand with 4k at 15 frames per second FPS 2.7 K at 30 FPS 1080p at 60 / 30fps and 720p at 60 / 120 fps enabling slow motion capture the Bandit can also shoot time-lapse sequences and capture stills at up to 16 megapixels there are quite a few differences between the design of the Bandit and other action cameras showing that the designers have really thought about who and how this camera will be used the video quality is excellent showing plenty of detail well saturated color and the bandit copes well with changes in exposure the three hours of recording time at 1080p and 30 frames per second means that this small camera won’t run out of steam before you do and USB charging and the availability of additional battery packs means you can easily carry a reserve if needed.


Olympus TG-5 Action Camera Black Friday Deal 2019

to finish our list we chose the olympus tough t g5 yes we admit this is a stretch the olympus tough t g5 is technically a rugged point-and-shoot camera while it’s compact enough for a pocket cam it’s bigger than your typical action cam that said the t g5 has some notable action cam attributes its body is built to withstand the elements without a protective housing that means you can drop it take it in the water get sand on it or freeze it without worry it’ll take the abuse which is why it’s a good action cam for adventurers and those who want some standard camera capabilities that go beyond capturing POV footage it also has a larger sensor in wide-angle lens with true 4x optical zoom with sensor shift image stabilization for action sequences it can shoot bursts up to 20 frames per second finally the tg5 lens also has a microscope mode for capturing things incredibly up-close it shoots raw photos and 4k video uses GPS to record your location data and leverages Wi-Fi to let you share online an optional accessory called the sport holder also allows you to attach the camera to your belt or backpack strap making it handy when you use an action camcorder it may be large but it’s more versatile.


Conclusion: Action Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

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