External GPU Black Friday Deals 2021

external GPU black friday deals 2020

Are you looking for an external GPU to buy? Well, if you are, this is the best timing to do so. As you all know Black Friday 2021 sale is going on. There are some amazing external GPU Black Friday deals available in the market. But you don’t have to hassle around. We went through all the deals on GPU’s and we’ve gathered top 5 GPU Black Friday deals 2021.

Top 5 External GPU Black Friday Deals 2021

These deals are only available for Black Friday so, surely check out these deals before the Black Friday 2021 sale ends.

Here are the top 5 best external GPU Black Friday deals 2021:

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Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Graphic Card Black Friday deal 2020

Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Graphic Card Black Friday deal 2020

Top trending external GPU deal is the Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Graphic Card Black Friday deal 2020. The Gigabyte AORUS is an external graphics card box that utilizes an integrated graphics card and a Thunderbolt 3 support.

It makes it an excellent option for everyone who wants to have a smooth gaming experience with stable frame rates. This unit is available in six editions but the one we are currently reviewing comes with a GTX 1070 graphics card.

However, if you require a better performance, do not hesitate to switch and choose the one that is ideal for you. Moreover, the Aorus boasts a sleek matte black construction that is followed by the Aorus logo. It is located at the front large cooling vents located at the sides and multiple ports at the rear so when you see it as a whole it looks very elegant.

Since I’ve mentioned the ports I’d like to inform you that they consist of two DVI ports, a single HDMI port, one HDMI port for USB 3.0. It also includes type-a ports where one of them uses the quick charge technology. It is needed to help you recharge your mobile device within a very short period of time.

At the inside, you can notice the presence of 240-millimeter fans which are located in front of the 450-watt power supply. But you can also notice yet another tiny fan that draws the outside air over the PSU internals.

In addition, beneath the graphics card, there is a strip of RGB LEDs that can be customized through the Aorus gaming engine software.

When it comes to the performance itself, thanks to the included gtx 1070 which is based on the Pascal architecture. You will have stable frame rates on most of the current and upcoming games. But keep in mind that everything would depend on your laptop specs.

For instance, if you have at least an i5 processor with 8 gigabytes of RAM you may play Fallout 4 Mass Effect Andromeda CSGO, The Witcher 3 and other games without any problem. But an i7 processor would be a way more preferable option to conclude the Gigabyte AORUS is a must-have option.

This device will offer you a smooth and fully immersive gaming experience as you’ve never tasted before. The best thing is it is selling at all year low price only for the Black Friday. So immediately check out this deal and grab it if you like it.


ASUS ROG-XG-Station-2 Graphic Card Black Friday deal 2020

ASUS ROG-XG-Station-2 Graphic Card Black Friday deal 2020

Next mind-blowing deal is the Asus ROG-XG-Station-2 graphic card Black Friday deal 2020. The ROG-XG-Station-2 is a high-end external GPU dock that would be an extremely good choice for everyone who wants to transform his laptop into a gaming beast. It comes with real 4k capabilities.

Before we get into action, I’d like to inform you that this device doesn’t come with an included graphics card. But you will have an option to a gtx 1070 and up to GT X 1080 graphics card if you want.

This unit without a doubt looks aggressive and reminds me of an extraterrestrial spacecraft because of its engraved patterns. These patterns are spread across its entire construction. At the back, there are the connection ports.

These are composed of an HDMI port for USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a USB type B connector, a Thunderbolt 3 port, a display port, and a DVI port. So as you can see, they are quite many since you will be fully supplied with everything needed.

You can plug your VR headset monitor, gaming mouse, keyboard and every gaming gear you have. So from now on your gaming experience will never be the same. Moreover, once you open this unit, you can notice that the internal part consists of a 600-watt power supply. This has enough capacity to support your laptop, tablet and graphics card as well as an array of LEDs which will add even more aggression to its appearance.

For your information, the Rog XG station 2 supports full-length desktop graphics cards starting from Geforce GTX 970, Radeon r9 series. So you can set the one that you prefer the most. However, the only remark users had regarding this unit is that the PCIe slot has a side push lock design. It may lead to a tricky removal for the first time users.

Except for gaming use, this external GPU dock is also suitable for 4k video editing. It has enough power to offer you a real desktop great performance.

Overall you should definitely consider the ROG XG station 2 because it packs numerous ports looks aggressive and has enough capacity to transform your laptop or PC into a real powerhouse.

Also, a huge discount available on ASUS ROG-XG-Station-2 Graphic card brings it into the graphics card favorite Black Friday deals. This is an amazing deal which is available only for the Black Friday so don’t miss this opportunity.



Razer Core X External Graphics Black Friday deal 2020

Razer Core X External Graphics Black Friday deal 2020

Next super amazing deal is the Razer Core X External Graphics Black Friday deal 2020. The Razer core x is among the best and the most purchased external GPU docks on the market. I’m sure that you’ve seen this name popping up numerous times on the internet while you were searching for an external GPU.

Well, now it is the right time to find out why is the whole hype going around this device. First of all, I have to say that Core x radiates with elegance regardless of your viewing position. It is because of its all matte black finish that looks and means gaming.

In addition, the unit’s exterior is made of an aluminum and houses multiple vents and lines. This will ensure a proper cooling while at the back there is a single USBC Thunderbolt 3 port, a power switch and a conveniently positioned handle which swings out and unlocks the internal GPU tray.

Unfortunately, the Razer ditched the chroma lighting. It means that your graphics card won’t have an option to glow in numerous colors that are available in the synapse software. So, I will leave it up to you to decide whether we can consider it as a remark or not.

Moreover, once you swing the handle you can find a PCIe graphics slot which can accommodate up to 3 wide Nvidia or AMD graphics cards, a 650 watt supply and a 100-watt laptop charging. So, all you have to do is to plug your laptop and start gaming right away.

For your information, both Windows and Mac OS users may use this external GPU. However, keep in mind that when paired with Mac OS this unit only works with AMD Radeon cards. As expected, the performance will entirely be connected with the GPU and the specs of your laptop.

Most of the users claim that the core X does a perfect job in boosting the performance of your laptop. I’m sure that you will notice this once you get this product. Finally, thanks to the presence of the Thunderbolt 3 port, the connection between this device with your laptop will be super fast with speeds that range at up to 40 gigabits per second for your ultimate user experience.

To conclude I strongly recommend you consider this product because it looks as good as it performs. If you consider buying Razer Core X external graphics card, buy it now. Due to Black Friday 2021, the price of  Razer Core X has come down. It is selling at a much lower price, therefore, it has become 3rd favorite Black Friday 2021 deal on external GPU.


OMEN Accelerator Shell GA1-100 Black Friday deal 2020

OMEN Accelerator Shell GA1-100 Black Friday deal 2020

The fourth amazing deal is the OMEN Accelerator Shell GA1-100 Black Friday deal 2020. The OMEN accelerator shell GA1 would be a really good option especially if you’re a gamer. It is for all who wants to boost the capacity of their laptop and achieve stable frame rates without spending a fortune.

This unit comes with a matte black tilted angle design that measures 15.75 inches in length 7.87 inches in width 7.87 inches in height. It weighs around 15 pounds making it an extremely portable device. This can be your greatest companion anywhere you go.

At the front, you can instantly notice the well-known Omen logo which adds an aggression to its appearance. It signifies it’s gaming purpose. You can also notice its feet which completely blend to with overall aesthetics.

So I have to admit that HP did a really good job here. At the rear, there is an RJ45 port, single USB 3.1 type C port and four USB 3.1 ports while at the side there is a large door which will let you have an easy access to the graphics card slot.

For your information, the manufacturer states that this unit is compatible with every graphics card. So you will never be restricted on anything.

The other components include a 2.5-inch drive bay a replaceable power supply. As you can see, you won’t have any issues in terms of future upgradeability. Thanks to its feature full construction, the Omen accelerator shell will exclude you from the need of purchasing a new PC.

If we add its plug-and-play architecture without a doubt I can say that you will have an amazing time with this device. I would also like to mention that the cooling performance has been heavily praised by the customers on the market.

There are two reasons that answer this. The first is its 45-degree tilted design while the second is its vent holes. These are spread along the inner metal cage in the outer plastic shell. That’s why even if you’ve been gaming for hours you won’t notice a decrease in the performance which is always wanted by every gamer.

Overall, the accelerator shell is worthy of considering so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality. With a huge big fat discount available on its price tag, it becomes the fourth best GPU Black Friday 2021 deal.


Akitio Node eGPU Thunderbolt3 Black Friday deal 2020

Akitio Node eGPU Thunderbolt3 Black Friday deal 2020

Last super amazing deal on GPU is the Akitio Node eGPU Thunderbolt3 Black Friday deal 2020. The Akitio Node is an affordable all-in-one Thunderbolt 3 external GPU dock that supports both Mac OS and Windows 10 systems. So let’s get quickly into action and find out what will be your benefits if you ever get this product.

This unit features a stylish all-black construction that packs a removable back panel, a Thunderbolt 3 port at the back as well as a carry handle which will offer you a stable grip. It allows you to place the node wherever you want.

At the bottom, there are 4 feet which will keep the node stable on virtually any surface. Once you place this unit on your preferred location, you shouldn’t worry about the stability at all. At the inside, there is a built-in 400 watt SFX PSU which is extremely useful.

It is because the wattage is sufficient to output enough power for your GPU. Moreover, this unit integrates a single PCIe x16 slot that can accommodate full length and high cards. If we add its spacious enclosure, it means that you can place double width cards without any problem. However, please keep in mind that the node supports AMD on Mac OS high sierra for now. But if you’re a Windows user this device can support multiple GPU cards which is quite good.

Moving on, you can pair this device with your regular laptop or mini PC as well. Once you do that you will feel the instant difference in terms of the frame rates you will get while playing your favorite games. But if we take gaming aside photo and video editors will also benefit from having this device.

It is because that the dedicated GPU will drastically improve the rendering speed. By default, this means that your productivity is going to be dramatically enhanced.

Finally, most of the users have stated that they didn’t have any remarks regarding the performance and the design. This doesn’t surprise me at all considering what you get in return if you ever get this device.

To conclude I strongly recommend you consider theAkitio Node GPU because it will never disappoint you with its performance.

You’ll be glad to know that Akitio Node is also selling at all time low price which is a rare opportunity. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab such a high-end GPU at all time low price. This deal is only available for Black Friday 2021 so definitely check out this deal and grab it before the GPU Black Friday 2021 sale ends.


Conclusion : External GPU Black Friday Deals 2021

So, you’ve seen all top 5 trending external GPU Black Friday 2021 deals. These are amazing deals that are offering such huge discounts. This is a  rare opportunity to grab this high-end GPU at a very low price. These offers are only for Black Friday so immediately check out these deals and grab the one that suits you the best.

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