Instant Pot Black Friday Deals 2020

Instant Pot Black Friday Deals

There are a lot of reasons why instant pots are taking the world by storm. It seems like everybody owns one. I hope to get into why they are so great and why you should own one.

You should definitely own an Instant Pot because they are the swiss army knives of appliances, and it will open up new avenues of cooking for you.

Let us get into each of the details as to why you need to buy an instant pot this Black Friday 2020.

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Pressure Cookers are Amazing

Okay, I know that a lot of people have a lot of doubts about pressure cookers, but trust me, they are awesome.

So what is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is basically an appliance that seals the food into a chamber that builds pressure as you cook your food. They are known to keep food moist and cook things quickly. There are so many different reasons why pressure cookers are great, and I will try to cover as many as I can.


Imagine all of the great benefits of cooking things slowly, and then reduce the time by 75%. An instant pot makes it so that heat has nowhere to go so things cook faster.

Time is only getting more valuable as we enter the digital age. We need to use every moment that we have in our day in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Slow cookers are great because they do a great job of keeping things moist as they cook. The slow cooker method is old, and they are making way for the new player in town.

Pressure cookers take the crockpot concept and expound upon it. They can cook full meals very quickly and have that same slow cook potential.

The other thing that refers to speed are things like potatoes. My family loves mashed potatoes, but the only issue is that it can take a really long time for them to be fully cooked through. With an instant pot, you can put your chopped taters in there and have them done in half the time that it takes boiling on the stovetop, and you know full well that they are going to be cooked through.

I hate things that waste time, and I love things that save me time. That is human nature. The instant pot brings me instinctual joy because it saves me time. I can spend less time cooking and more time eating, which is one of my favorite activities.

Easy to clean

Many appliances are really difficult to clean. I hate lugging around really heavy inserts that require me to use the entire sink in order to clean. Specifically, I am thinking of the heavy porcelain inserts that go into crockpots.

So many different parts of kitchen hardware are really bulky and heavy, but with the simple insert that goes in the instant pot, you never really feel like it is any harder to clean than a pot or pan. It’s even dishwasher safe!

A Different Experience

A lot of the time, we get really bored with the current set up that we have. We make the same meals for years, and rarely branch out from our comfortable corner of casseroles and such.

If you claim to be a foodie, it is important to know that you need an instant pot in order to understand some really amazing flavors that were previously inaccessible to you.

It is pretty rare to find a fancy restaurant that uses these for high-level cooking. They may use them to cook potatoes or boil eggs but rarely do they use them for cooking meats and other important entrees. Instant pots take a little too long for restaurants, but boy do they have a different flavor.

You haven’t tried ribs until you have tried them when they have been cooked in an instant pot first. There are so many different things that taste amazing after being cooked in one of these that makes them so much better, but you will never know unless you try it.

If not for the awesome features that an instant pot comes with, then at least do it for the fantastic experiences that will come with trying new things.

I consider myself an adventurous person and my instant pot has been an adventure. I have tried so many strange recipes in this, and even though some have failed miserably, some have turned out really good!

Instant Pot – The Swiss-Army Knife of Cookware

Instant pots are first and foremost a pressure cooker, and although they are great at that they also have a lot of other applications.

Let’s get a list going shall we?

Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are huge appliances, and I hated lugging mine around when I didn’t use it all that often if I am being honest. My instant pot is a great opportunity for me to save some space in my cupboard and still have a rice cooker. These things are really great and fast for making rice, and I find that I can make rice exactly how I like it.


Now, I realize that we all will use the stovetop much more often than this thing, but hear me out.

Having a device that can act as a stovetop that is extremely portable and yet useful in this way is really great. Like if I wanted to have a spot to cook some eggs or something else that is a little messy, this might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

All of us have had that moment when we wished we had one more stove to cook on, and this can be that thing. A lot of people have electric stovetops that they plugin, but this can be another backup.

Although this feature might not get used all the time, it sure is a great addition to the instant pots arsenal of features and abilities that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Slow Cook

One of the first things that new chefs discover is the abilities that come with a slow cooker. The first time I made shredded chicken in a crockpot for taco meat was the day that I wanted to be really good at cooking.

Being a good chef is more about knowing how to use the resources at your disposal than anything, and slow cookers are one of the biggest staples in a home chefs arsenal. Instant pots make great slow cookers and are a really welcome addition when you are making chili for 30 people and need all the real estate you can get.


Steaming veggies is one of the easiest ways to make certain vegetables edible at all, and many people don’t have access to a steamer because it is simply too rarely used to rectify a 100 dollar purchase.

Having something that doubles as a steamer is really helpful, and you will find yourself eating vegetables more.


Sauteing can get really messy really quickly. I really do love me some fried vegetables, but I really hate having hot oil jump up and ruin my clothing or burn my hands.

I always find that it is better to have a deeper pan anyway when I am sauteing, so having a pot that can do this for me is a really welcome addition to my arsenal of kitchen appliances.


Nobody has a good warmer anymore. Most of the time, we use the space underneath the oven for storing pans instead of its intended purpose of warming things.

Using the instant pot to keep things warm is actually really easy. Some models even have a button for it!

The biggest issue with trying to keep things warm is that you are going to mess with the taste, but that cannot be further than the truth when it comes to using an instant pot.

You can get the pot to the right temperature and keep whatever you want warm for your significant other if they are running late.

Keeping something warm is 10 times better than microwaving them to heat them up. Don’t ruin your food with a microwave, use a warmer.

Cake Maker

I just had to throw this in here because it is so wild. Some people have been really successful in making things like cheesecake and pie in an instant pot. That is the type of thing that you can try with an instant pot because it is so versatile.


Now, you might point at this and laugh because it is sort of out there. Instant pots are going to be a little better at making things retain their moisture, but hey, it is possible.

Relatively Inexpensive

The instant pot has a lot of different abilities, yet it is quite cheap when compared with many other devices. For example, I can get a 6 quart Instant Pot on Amazon for really cheap especially this Black Friday.

There are so many appliances that you can replace with this thing, so it makes sense that it should cost at least $100, but it doesn’t. This bad boy is really affordable.

When I was in college, I would have killed for something like this. There is so much to do and make with something like this! An instant pot is really such a great investment, and can open up so much opportunity to the beginner chef! The sky’s the limit with this thing.

I feel like it is well worth the 75 bucks that it costs to get one of these things in your kitchen, but that call can only be made by you.

Conclusion: Instant Pot Black Friday Deals 2020

Instant Pots are getting really popular these days. It seems like they are going to be on the wedding registry of every single getting married from here on out, and it is for good reason.

Instant Pots are a very new gadget that a lot of people are trying and finding that they love it. People go over to a friends house where they hear bragging about their instant pot. They are so accessible being only 75 bucks that they are really tempting to buy. A lot of people love to try new things, and these instant pots are something that there is a lot of buzz around.

When I tell people that they should own one of these things, they say “but I already have a crockpot, I don’t need a fancy one”.

I totally see where they are coming from.

No, you don’t need one to survive. You will live on if you don’t have one. That being said, I love anything that makes my life easier, more comfortable, and of course tastier. The Instant Pot does all of those things, and therefore I think that everybody should own one.

If you are in college, I would go halfsies with your roommate. If you are a single guy that goes out to eat for every meal, I would even say you should go out and buy an instant pot so that you can get into cooking.

Give it a try, you will not regret it.

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Can Instant Pots Explode? If set up improperly or the lid is removed before pressure is released, and pressure cooker (including those made by instant pot) will have a sudden release of pressure that is similar to an explosion.

Are Instant Pots hard to use? Although they have a small learning curve, they are fairly simple to use. The easiest way to use them is looking up recipes designed for them specifically.

Do Instant Pots last a long time? Many users report that their instant pots last for upwards of a decade without breaking.