iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deals 2021

iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deals

iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deals 2021

The iPhone XS Max may be pricey but here is an impressive iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deal.

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iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deals 2021

iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deal 2021

Apple finally delivers an iPhone with a huge screen and for movie watching, game playing fans the iPhone XS Max is an exciting new addition to the range.

The iPhone XS Max is the biggest smartphone Apple has ever made with a 6.5 inch display, hardly any screen bezel and the now iconic screen notch it’s a dominating presence in the hand.

From a design perspective the iPhone XS Max is deceptive. If you pick it up the rounded size of the handset will make it feel noticeably thick which is a good thing in my opinion since you feel more comfortable holding it.

But it’s only 7.7 millimeters thin which makes it thinner than all of its predecessors and the reason for this is pretty simple tapered edges. The steel frame around the outside and the new formulation of glass on the front and rear which is tougher than the glass on the iPhone X.

The iPhone XS Max has a supremely premium look and feel while its resistance to dust and water have also been enhanced.

In addition the iPhone XS Max and XS both feature smart HDR and improved mode over the standard HDR on the X which improves shots with high contrast ensuring all areas of the photo are well lit and detailed.

The protruding module on the rear of the handset still houses 2 megapixel snappers and a vertical stack separated by a quad led true tone flash.

It also benefits from the new smart HDR mode and gets the addition of portrait mode. While the rear cameras capture the depth in a shot for a natural blur effect the front camera works out the bokeh effect digitally.

Apple has removed the headphone jack in which case the Apple earpods are going to be included in the box but take in mind that you can’t listen to music and charge the phone at the same time since they used the same lightning port.

Finally this unit has the biggest battery life that Apple has ever put in an iPhone with 3174 mAh capacity which is also great.

Conclusion: iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deals 2021

Overall this is the best built phone out there so far and since it’s at the top of our list this iPhone XS Max Black Friday Deal is definitely the best one recommended for you.

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