Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2020

Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2020

Top 5 Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2020

In this post, we’ll be presenting the 5 best Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2020 in the market right now.

In recent years more and more drivers are realizing the benefits of dash cams in their vehicles. It’s become a necessity for transportation businesses as well as personal vehicles. It helps document traffic incidences in cases of accidents and many other uses.

Here are the top 5 mirror dash cam Black Friday deals:

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KDLINKS Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

KDLINKS Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

The first Black Friday deal on our list is KDLINKS Mirror dash camera, a dash cam like no other.

This is the great resolve for all the traditional dash cam features yet it boasts this unique feature offer automatic motion detection wherein it automatically records upon starting of the ignition or if it detects motion.

This rockstar dash cam also automatically stops when the vehicle is turned off.

Worry not if you happen to be in places with poor lighting conditions, all thanks to its night mode feature and assures you to offer high-quality recording despite such situations.

The front camera is capable to provide Ultra High Definition recording with 1296 pixels and a full high-definition coverage of 1080 pixels wide angle in the rear camera.

It promises smooth and detailed recording through its six glass lenses and a very sensitive sensor.

Unlike the normal dash cams offered in the market, KDLINKS has a quality in-plane switching screen making it more different from the others.

It can support 64 gigabytes all the way up to 128 gigabytes microSD card.

The Li-polymer high-quality battery lasts long with 800 milliampere hours which can still work its wonders even in low or high temperatures.

To finish it all this dash cam is full of safety features such as the G sensor or the so-called emergency lock button and accident automatic detection wherein it automatically locks a video file for you.


TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

Next Black Friday deal in our list is the TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020 .

This dash cam simultaneously records your journey on the road real-time.

It uses a full high-definition 1080p rear view front camera and a 480p rear waterproof cam and the lens can be adjusted based on your best field of view.

The dash cam’s 7 inch IPS touchscreen is made of 2.5D advanced anti-glare glass and displays wide-angle videos and pictures.

It is responsive, touch-sensitive and user-friendly. It has a multi-function menu that can be customized based on your preference and to make usage easier, a one key switching design that allows you to choose any of the five view modes in one tap.

When turned off it functions like any regular rear view mirror.

The TOGUARD dash cam has G-sensor technology and auto locks recorded videos in the occurrence of collision old videos are automatically replaced by new ones once the SD card is full.

In addition, it has a motion detection feature that powers on once movement is felt. Same goes when parking, the dash cam automatically turns on and starts recording.

TOGUARD is one of the leading brands when it comes to home and personal security technology interesting isn’t it.


Pruveeo Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

Pruveeo Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

Third deal on our list is the Pruveeo Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020 .

The best in the top rated dual cam that surpasses its competitors.

With the ability to capture both front and rear view no need to have two camps because this dash cam is already packed with what you’re looking for.

Pruveeo D700 waterproof rear camera is one valuable feature. This rear camera gives you 720 pixels with 90-degree angle lens which automatically shows the parking image in full view when the reverse gear is engaged, making it an excellent partner whenever you are parking your car.

The full high-definition 1080 resolution front view will give you an ultra-wide angle of 150-degree lens allowing you to have an extra crisp image.

The picture-in-picture display grants you to see both cameras as recorded at the same time. Moreover, with one touch switch design, it will let you switch the view from a full screen to front or rear.

These features only mean one thing and that is that you need to focus on your driving because it captures every scene in the road giving you a safer journey every time you hit the road and peace of mind whenever you are in bad weather.


YI Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

YI Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

Next is the YI Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020 .

A sophisticated dual HD recording camera with integrated 16:9 touchscreen LCD. It provides ease of preview and control.

The 1080p front-facing camera has a 138-degree wide angle lens and an f20 aperture offering exceptional high-resolution viewing capabilities that work excellently even in low lighted areas.

These features also allow easy recording of three lanes.

The four glass lenses which are crafted with infrared filter record full-color richer imaging effect whether it is day or night.

Its ultra-sensitive image sensors deliver quality live video on the display screen.

The 720p rear camera which has a reverse detection ability and swiftly switches the mirror display to allow the vehicle driver to see whatever it is captured keeping it dustproof and rain proof is the ip67.

Another remarkable feature of this dash cam is the adjustable three-axis G sensor which activates itself and begins an emergency recording during a collision. The entire footage which also includes moments before the accident happens is fully protected.

If you continuously drive for two hours the driver alert will prompt you to remain alert, to stop the alert you need to stop it manually. This amazing innovation keeps you and your passengers safe.

Setting up is made easy with the versatile design and materials of the dash camera. A simple mounting and adjustment of elastic straps will do the trick. To view and playback videos in real time utilise the YI Dash App using your smartphone. You can also download the videos and share them by using the 2.4 gigahertz built-in wireless module.


AKASO Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020

AKASO Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deal 2020 on AKASO, which is one of the best in top-rated rearview mirror cameras with a superb a bunch of features and world-class technology at a decent price.

It has a full high-definition video quality at 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second which is one of the important features of any dash camera. So every time you use this you know you’re getting a clear video. You may also watch the video on a 5.0 inch Super Clear monitor display.

It also has a built-in G-sensor that makes it smarter in a proper way because it automatically detects the accidents and saves all of the relevant footage to ensure you have a perfect witness.

Another best feature is its superior night vision. With the true wide dynamic range technology, the sensor of the AKASO dash can adjust the light exposure automatically to give you a brighter view in the low light situations as well as the night.

Even if you’re driving at night or anywhere in the dark you can keep calm and focus on driving because you have a device which records everything.

It’s also easy to install and user-friendly. The AKASO mirror dash cam is really a must-have for all car owners.

Conclusion: Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2020

There are the five best Mirror Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2020 for you.

With these useful accessories, you’ll have a high-definition quality proof for your car insurance claim and all the help you need when you reverse in those tight parking spaces.


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