Samsung 40 inch Smart TV Black Friday Deals 2019

Samsung 40 inch Smart TV Black Friday Deals 2019

Samsung 40NU7100 4k UHD TV Black Friday Deal 2019

The 40 inch NU7100 would be an extremely good option for you especially if you want to invest in a compact 4k smart TV that offers a premium performance without spending a whole fortune in order to feel that pleasure when you view from the front you can immediately notice the charcoal gray textured panel that houses bezels of an average size and as you’re moving down at the bottom there are two sturdy plastic feet with a faux metallic finish that keep the cabinet stable so when you see it as a whole without a doubt I can say that this TV looks gorgeous moving on the connection options are composed of two USB ports three HDMI ports of which one has an arc support an RF connector an Ethernet port for Wired networking and a digital audio output and to be honest for the price you pay they are connection ports are quite robust but now let’s talk about the most important part and that’s the performance well the end-use 7100 packs a 4k resolution along with a support for various HDR formats including the HDR 10 samsung’s HDR 10 plus format and the HL G so from the very beginning you already have a clue what can you expect from this beautiful gem speaking of the colors those who purchased this TV claim that they are lifelike and consistent even if you view from wide viewing angles while on the other side thanks to its refresh rate which is further ly enhanced with the motion rate 120 technology even the most dynamic moments will be properly captured so you won’t notice a blur before we end I’d like to mention that you can connect your console to this TV as well and enjoy the benefits of gaming in 4k at 60 Hertz with exceptionally low input lag however if you play fast paced games be prepared that you may encounter some motion blur but for other games the chances that you will notice this are set to minimum if not to 0 overall you should definitely consider the new 7100 as your next purchase because it looks as good as it performs.


Conclusion: Samsung 40 inch TV Black Friday Deal 2019

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