Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday Deals 2020

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday Deal

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday Deals 2020

Black Friday 2020 deals have gone live now. There are some really mind-blowing deals available on laptops. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday deal is available with a big fat discount. Check this deal out and get it as soon as possible.

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Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday Deal 2020

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday Deal 2020

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is an excellent business 13.3-inch two-in-one touchscreen laptop that feels and performs premium.

So if you’ve been looking for something similar then you found it. Aesthetically speaking, the notebook 9 pro looks impressive. Starting from its chrome finish, the 360-degree design and up to its backlit keyboard so when you see it as a whole.

This unit looks and feels business. In addition, the connection ports are spread along the sides of the chassis and they consist of a single USBC port, a 4k display out, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a built-in media reader, 2 USB 3.0 ports headphone and microphone combo jack and an HDMI port.

Moving on, once you open the lid, you can instantly notice the keyboard which has a decent key travel and feels comfortable. Untouched meaning that you can type accurately and comfortably for hours without feeling fatigued.

Slightly below there is the responsive touchpad that is responsive enough to register every single swipe you make.

Now let’s talk about the performance.

First of all let’s start with its 13.3 inch screen with a full HD resolution that can adapt to your way of use. Whether you want to use this device as a tablet a display or as an ordinary laptop.

For your information, the screen has an aspect ratio of 16 to 9 and has 350 nits of brightness which is really cool because you will always have a clear sight of everything you’re doing in a particular moment.

When it comes to the specs, this unit comes with a quad-core i7 8550 u processor, has 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes SSD that can be expanded to up to one terabyte.

If we analyze them closely, it means that this laptop will impress you with its blazing fast processing capabilities. Last but not least, the battery life is rated at 12.5 hours of use.

However, bear in mind that this may vary in practice since everything depends on your use.

To conclude the notebook 9 Pro deserves your attention so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality.


Conclusion: Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday Deal 2020

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Black Friday deal 2020 is among the hot 2-in-1 laptop Black Friday deals. The best thing is that it is selling with all year low price. This makes this most appealing deal among laptops right now.


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