Thule Urban Glide 2 Black Friday Deals 2019

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller Black Friday Deal 2019

The Thule urban glide 2.0 is a cool multi-purpose jogger with enough features for everyday use providing a from birth solution for parents transporting their children comfortably and safely outdoors design-wise this stroller comes with a sleek lightweight design which looks great and is perfect for urban exploration or strolling in your favorite places all that the pushchair buttons are color-coded in a bright blue color so they’re easily seen and reached when out strolling in the streets in addition this unit houses three stylish sleek air tires which are designed to offer ultimate stability over any terrain above the front wheel there’s an easy to operate twist lever which serves to lock or swivel the front wheels dependent on whether you are strolling on a rough or smooth ground it also feels super stable and totally balanced thanks to a very reasonable weight regarding the performance the urban glide 2 handles all types of terrain even sandy beaches and hills it only requires one hand to fold though two will make it easier it also has easy to use single action breaks with an extra wide pedal position to the left to the right is a deceleration handbrake which twists forward to slow the stroller moving on this unit packs a multi-position canopy with size ventilation windows ensuring a comfortable ride for your child when your child is sitting it’s important to mention that this unit has a sling style seat with non adjustable padded leg rests that sloped forward to a narrow footrest there are seating options for a newborn baby as well which would be a perfect solution for parents who often drive a car and need a stroller that allows for quick transitions to and from the car what you’ll love about the urban Glide – is that um has an amazingly large and sturdy shopping basket it’s composed of a zip closing lid to make sure things don’t jump out while you’re on the move we highly recommend this double stroller if you’re on a low budget and looking for something affordable.


Conclusion: Thule Urban Glide 2 Black Friday Deal 2019


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