YI 4k Action Camera Black Friday Deals 2020

YI 4k Action Camera Black Friday Deal

Are you looking for an affordable action camera? Well, I would recommend you to go for the YI 4k action camera. YI 4k Action Camera Black Friday deal 2020 is available with a heavy discount. So, makes sure you check out this amazing deal and grab it quickly.

YI 4k Action Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

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YI 4k Action Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

When it comes to action cameras GoPro is known as a company without competition. The same thing has happened with you YI 4k action camera.

It has been created especially for the lovers of extreme sports. Let me explain some key features about this model regarding design.

Aesthetically, this device you can find on the market in many colors. Additions like black white and rose gold.

On the right-hand side, as you look at the front of the camera as the lens which slightly protrudes on the underside as the lid for accessing the battery compartment.

This houses a 4.4 volts lithium-ion 1400 milliamp hours power pack which presents a long life battery life. Alongside, you can find a micro SD card slot for example 64 gigabytes will give you 80 minutes of 4k recording which is enough time to fulfill your needs.

There are a 2.19 inches touchscreen user interface and one button control. This helps you shoot photos and record one-handed videos while reducing the shocks to the lowest level.

To continue about the battery, there is just a micro USB on the side for charging because Yi 4k has only one button to start, stop, recording. When you want to power up or down you hold it.

If you want to change modes or settings you have to do it through touch screen which is bigger than a Gopro.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Users claim that there is not any problem to transfer images and videos to a smartphone.

In addition, this device produces a great image quality because it offers a lot of settings to experiment with. You can capture stunning 12-megapixel photos from the 155 degrees wide angle F 2.8 high-quality glass lens in raw image format.

It is offering you the most advanced editing capabilities packed with features including voice control, live streaming raw image and USB type-c.

This type of device will enable you to preserve memorable memories through pictures or videos. Moreover, my only remark regarding this device is that image stabilization could be better. But although this is just my personal opinion.

Overall, you should seriously consider the Yi 4k action camera and if you ever decide to purchase it you will assure yourself of it’s unreal quality.


Conclusion: YI 4k Action Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

YI 4k Action camera is selling with a heavy discount on its price tag. You can’t miss this deal as this is the first time it is selling with such a low price. So, surely check out this deal and grab it before it goes out of stock or the Black Friday 201 sale ends.