ASUS C302CA Black Friday Deals 2021

ASUS C302CA Black Friday Deals 2020

ASUS C302CA Black Friday Deals 2021

ASUS C302CA is considered as the best overall Chromebook. You can grab it at a stunning discount using this amazing ASUS C302CA Black Friday Deal 2021.

This Chromebook has earned that status because of its gorgeous screen, tactile keyboard, and classy design.

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ASUS C302CA Black Friday Deals 2021


Let’s examine this device in some important aspects.

When it comes to design this device is built of an all-aluminum chassis with a symmetrical slab of metal.

The product dimensions are 8.3 by 12.05 inches and it weighs 2.6 pounds meaning that you can put it in your backpack and not even feel that it’s there.

This device has the most advanced ports available the USBC 3.1 which will offer you everything you need in one connection.

As for the keyboard, the ASUS C302CA falls back on a solid keyboard that makes it as familiar and comfortable as any traditional laptop. The keys offer a satisfying 1.4 millimeters of crisp key travel that we’ve missed in a world of ever slimmer notebooks.

The touchpad is spacious and functional and it will precisely register every swipe you make.

To continue about performance this specific model is powered by an Intel Core processor and it has 4 gigabytes of RAM with 64-gigabyte storage which will provide you great performance.

In addition, I’d also like to mention that this unit comes with a 12.5 inch IPS touchscreen that has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels which means that the visuals will be razor sharp as you’d expect them to be.

Before we end this time the battery life is much improved if you compare it with the previous model and those who purchased this laptop claim that the battery offers around 10 hours of use under heavy use which makes it the ideal Chromebook for those who love the cloud and being on the go.


Conclusion: ASUS C302CA Black Friday Deals 2021

To conclude if you still don’t know which one to purchase I would highly recommend the ASUS C302CA because it has everything you need.

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