Samsung Chromebook Plus Black Friday Deals 2020

Samsung Chromebook Plus Black Friday Deals 2020

Samsung Chromebook Plus Black Friday Deals 2020

Samsung 2 in 1 Laptop Black Friday Sale 2020 is up and running. Samsung Chromebook Plus Black Friday Deal 2020 is one of the popular deal so grab it now and save some bucks.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus Black Friday Deals 2020

Samsung is one of the more successful Chromebook makers that delivered an elegant design, top-notch display and an array of useful features with their Chromebook plus.

Let’s explain some of the key features of this product starting from the design. Unlike other cheap Chromebooks out there the Samsung Chromebook plus isn’t a bulky and heavy device.

The sleek silver aluminium casing gives the laptop a nice premium feel with high clear design. It has a great size and a great weight so for those who travel a lot or need a Chromebook for their class it’s a perfect option.

On the left side you’ll find a headphone jack, a USB C port, a micro SD card reader and on the left side of the Chromebook, you’ll find a USB C port.

When it comes to the keyboard the Chromebook plus utilizes a typical Island keyboard with black chiclet keys and white lettering but it’s also a little cramped. The relatively small keys have a pleasant and soft snappiness to them but they’re a bit shallow and they do bottom out a tattoo quickly.

The touchpad is functional but a little small it swipes and recognizes multi-touches without any problems which is something we can’t say about the touch display as this Chromebook doesn’t have the touch screen feature.

As for performance, this model comes with a 1.5 gigahertz Intel Celeron processor 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 400 gigabyte SSD which will promise you reasonably fast performance so you can effectively and quickly finish your work.

Before we end I’d also like to inform you that the battery life is improved if you compare it with the previous model and those who’ve purchased this laptop claimed that the battery offers around 8 hours of heavy use.


Conclusion: Samsung Chromebook Plus Black Friday Deals 2020

Samsung has proven again that they never fail with the products they put in the market. To conclude I strongly recommend you consider this device as your next purchase.

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