Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023

Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2022

In this post, we break down the top five best Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023 on the market this year.

When it comes to choosing a chainsaw you have the choice between gas or electric. If you’re looking for something a little cleaner and more convenient you’ll likely want to opt for an electric model.

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So if you’re interested in finding out which electric chainsaw will be best for you to buy this Black Friday sale keep reading.

Top 5 Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023 

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw Black Friday Deal 2023

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw Black Friday Deal 2023

First, on our list we’re looking at our choice for the best value per dollar electric chainsaw, the WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp.

If you are looking for a great bang for your buck the WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw packs a 15 point o amp motor and 18-inch bar which delivers a formidable cutting performance.

This quality chainsaw includes a patented auto-tension chain system which prevents it from over tightening. This keeps the unit functioning at the correct tension for hundreds of uses.

The WORX WG304.1 consists of a total of 63 chain links and there is a built-in chain brake for added safety.

It is also specially engineered to protect you in case of a kickback. This chainsaw utilizes an automatic oil lubrication system and built-in reservoir with a window level indicator.

The WORX WG304.1 is easy enough to maneuver and powerful enough to take down trees and keep your yard looking an outstanding shape it has the advantage of being lightweight dependable and durable at the same time.

The rubber rear handle and ergonomic front handle let you work in total control and comfort. This is a feisty chainsaw that is perfect for cutting firewood tree trimming brush clearing and other duties in contrast to gas-powered chainsaws.

This electric chainsaw does not require a mix of oil and gas and deals with difficult startups for safety purposes.

The WORX WG304.1 includes a built-in safety brake that halts the chain almost immediately if improper contact is made. This protects you in the event of a kickback dollar-for-dollar you will be hard-pressed to surpass this chainsaw in quality.


Greenworks Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023

Greenworks Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023

Second, on our list, we’re looking at our pick for the best budget electric chainsaw, the Green Works Chainsaw.

The Green Works brand is manufactured by Sunrise global marketing LLC they offer a wide range of corded and cordless tools the selection of tools ranges from economical to those who deliver greater performance.

Their chainsaw options provide reliable performance without having to deal with gas and the high cost of operating associated with it.

The Green Works chainsaw features a capable 9 amp electric motor that provides reliable power and starts within seconds it is easy to use and the 14-inch bar makes cleanup jobs simple.

The chain tensioning does not require the use of a tool so you can save time and get back to the work at hand there is a wraparound handle which is extremely comfortable for the user while clearing debris or performing any other tasks of a similar nature.

The translucent oil tank displays a clear view of the oil level and if all those useful features are not enough to sway you the auto oiler provides an adequate amount of lubrication for optimum cutting performance without the hassle for a relatively affordable price.

It is easy to see that the green works chainsaw packs a mighty punch if you are looking for a competent and dependable electric chainsaw to use for clearing your yard or keeping things nice and tidy.

The Green Works should definitely be considered it will not break the bank and should last for years assisting you while taking care of your property when taking everything into consideration this is an outstanding value.


Sun Joe SWJ803E Chain Saw Black Friday Deals 2023

Sun Joe SWJ803E Chain Saw Black Friday Deals 2023

Next, on our list, we’re looking at our choice for the best lightweight electric chainsaw Sun Joe SWJ803E 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw.

Depending on your job requirements it may be ideal for you to utilize an electric chainsaw that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The Sun Joe SWJ803E chainsaw has a 14 amp electric motor in an 18 inch bar. This unit integrates performance power and precision into a user-friendly cutting tool.

The 14 amp motor is designed to ignite instantly at the push of a button as there is no complicated starting procedure to dampen the job. The motor is powerful and efficient enough to make quick work of firewood thick tree limbs branches and logs.

Since it is electrical the Sun Joe is a reliable performer and spares you the mess of having to deal with gas oil mixtures it also is in line with environmental standards as it does not pollute the environment with hydrocarbon emissions which are highly toxic.

Where the Sun Joe SWJ803E electric chainsaw really shines is that it packs all the power and performance into a relatively lightweight 9.7-pound body.

There is also an adjustable ergonomic handle which assists in maximizing comfort and minimizing fatigue during an operation not to be overlooked.

This chainsaw includes safety features consisting of a handguard with kickback brake and a switch to prevent an accidental start.

Make no mistake the Sun Joe SWJ803E is a very competent chainsaw which can take care of a variety of jobs.

Being lightweight and maneuverable it provides you with the versatility that many difficult jobs situated in tight spaces will require.


Makita UC4051A 16″ Electric Chain Saw Black Friday Deal 2023

Makita UC4051A 16" Electric Chain Saw Black Friday Deal 2023

Next on the list we’re looking at our pick for the best convenient electric chainsaw, the Makita UC4051A 16″ Electric Chain Saw.

If convenience is your thing when it comes to chainsaws the Makita UC4051A is one to consider.

Anyone who has used a conventional chainsaw knows that there are a lot of time-consuming procedures which can get quite involved in addition to the easy maintenance which is in contrast to gas models.

The Makita 16-inch electric chainsaw is designed for quick cutting and efficient operation with a chain speed of 2900 fpm. The UC4051A is best for cutting and trimming the tool list blade.

The chain adjustments allow for convenience and operation and easy maintenance as a built-in safety mechanism its motor has a built-in current limiter which is designed to protect the motor from burning out.

When the saw becomes overloaded there is also an electric chain brake which provides a maximum amount of productivity.

Additional features included with this chainsaw include an automatic chain oiler which is utilized during an extended amount of heavy continuous cutting the large oil reservoir.

The view window permits the user to quickly and easily check the oil level and if that’s not enough convenience for you.

The Makita UC4051A chainsaw is smartly constructed with rubberized grip handles which are designed ergonomically for a high level of comfort.

There is a large trigger switch with a soft start for startups which are smooth.

Makita tools are warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials from one year from the date of original purchase.

If you are the type who does not enjoy the hassles of grappling with machinery this chainsaw is definitely up your alley.


DEWALT DCCS690H1 Brushless Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023

DEWALT DCCS690H1 Brushless Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023

Last on our list we’re looking at our pick for the best overall electric chainsaw DEWALT DCCS690H1 40V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw.

If you are a finicky consumer who is looking for the complete package in an electric chainsaw the DEWALT DCCS690H1 is certainly the unit to consider.

This particular chainsaw is special in that it delivers the performance of a gas model with the incredible convenience of a cordless model.

Getting down to the specifics the DEWALT DCCS690H1 electric chainsaw is formidably equipped with a powerful brushless motor and low kickback 16-inch organ chain and bar.

This high-quality chainsaw can zip through some cutting items and sizes with the speed of a gas-powered unit of course.

It does all this with the reliability of a battery-powered unit for additional convenience the DeWalt showcases auto oiling a longer chain life and reduce maintenance operations.

There is a quarter-turn oil cap which permits the rapid refill of oil the convenient tool-free tensioning system from its instant chain and bar adjustments do not require the use of any other tools for kickback protection.

This chainsaw is adequately equipped with a chain break. There is also a variable speed trigger for the user to keep total control of the unit.

When purchasing an item such as a chainsaw the safety feature should be closely scrutinized and not casually overlooked with all the aforementioned features.

The DEWALT DCCS690H1 gets high grades for its all-around excellent performance as previously stated it has the power of a gas-powered chainsaw.

With the manoeuvrability, convenience and environmental cleanliness of an electric one this unit is more than capable of tracking both big and small cutting tasks

Conclusion: Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2023

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