Kobo Aura Black Friday Deals 2020

If you are looking for a high-end e-reader and that too at very low price check out this Kobo Aura H20 Black Friday deal 2020 that is offering a high-quality e-reader at a very low price. This deal is available for this Black Friday 2020 sale. So, surely check out this deal.

Kobo Aura H20 Black Friday Deal 2020

Kobo Aura Black Friday Deals 2020

The Kobo Aura H20 is a compact 2 reader with a large screen and epic features which will make you fall in love with reading.

Let us introduce you with the most interesting features of this unit. When it comes to design, this model is compact and easy to hold in one hand.

The product dimensions are 6.8 by 5.1 by 0.3 inches with a reasonable weight of 210 grams which will make it your perfect companion.

The back of this reader is covered in a dappled plastic that aides grip. It helps you to grip the unit with one hand.

At the back, you’ll also find the only button a blue power button. So at the front, there’s a clear display for your reading pleasure.

To continue about performance, this particular e-reader comes with 1440 to 1080 resolution and 265 pixels per inch offering a clear text even when enlarged to the max.

Thanks to Kobo comfort like pro-technology, you’ll have a high-quality view, changing the color of the screen depending on the situation even if you read in direct sunlight.

It is worth to notice that this device is waterproof and it can withstand up to 1 hour under 2 metres of water so you can enjoy reading in the bath or by the pool.

In addition, it’s important to know about the large screen. This device packs a larger screen than all previous devices which makes it unique.

When we combine all these features into one piece, we realize that for the price you pay this eReader is much good that you will expect.

Moving on, this unit offers a solid battery life for example if you read everyday the battery would probably last a week if you read around 30 minutes a day with comforts like pro and Wi-Fi turned off the battery will probably last close to 2 months.

So it depends on how you use it. My only remark is that there’s no auto-brightness mode, something that competitors have.

So you’ll have to manually alter it depending on your surroundings although it’s my personal opinion which maybe won’t be noticed in front of all these advantages.

To conclude if you want to increase your reading perience Kobo Aura H2o Black Friday deal 2020 would be your best choice.


Conclusion: Kobo Aura H2o Black Friday Deal 2020

Kobo Aura H20 Black Friday deal 2020 is selling with a big fat discount for this Black Friday sale. So, quickly check out the deal and get it as soon as possible.


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