Personal Blender Black Friday Deals 2019

Top 3 Personal Blender Black Friday Deals 2019

at number 5 we have the Hamilton Beach 50 1103 the Hamilton Beach 50 1103 is extremely affordable personal blender that has been around for a quite long but even today it is still an attractive option and dozens of users are continuously purchasing it which definitely has to mean something this model has a compact all-black finished body that is accompanied by a blending cup with embedded measuring lines positioned on its front while on its lower body you can notice a large pulse button a cord recess of which you can take an advantage in order to wrap the cord around the base as well as feet that will keep this unit stable while performing for your information this unit has a 14 ounce blending jar which at the same time serves as a travel cup so you can take it with you anywhere you go moving on the Hamilton Beach 50 1103 is also armed with durable stainless steel blades which in practice will ensure quick and effective blending so you can make delicious shakes icy drinks and fruit smoothies without any problem in addition this device comes with a recipe book as well so you will never feel restricted in terms of use however the only disadvantage this unit has is the lack of more settings since you will be obliged only to use the pulse option but considering its price tag this is quite normal so personally I don’t consider it as a remark according to those who’ve purchased this product the Hamilton Beach 50 1103 is exceptionally easy to store and clean and it produces a bearable noise so for the price you pay I think that you will be more than satisfied with having such a product before we end I would also like to inform you that this unit has a bpa-free jar which is something that I particularly favored due to the fact that the drinks you create will be harmful to your health so when we combine all these things together without a doubt I can say that Hamilton Beach has once again done a great job here overall if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet quality personal blender then this is the one for you moving on

at number four we have the Nutri ninja BL 482 the Nutri ninja BL 482 as a 1000 watt personal blender that would be a really good option for everyone who is looking for a reliable blender without spending hundreds of dollars so let’s find out what’s so special about it the BL 482 features an attractive chrome and dark grey finished construction that is composed of a control panel positioned with pre-programmed buttons and an LCD display on the front of the base but the manufacturer has also included three sizes of ninja cup starting from 18 ounces 24 ounces 32 ounces so you can use each of them depending on your requirements for your information this unit has four settings of which you can take an advantage such as the blend pulse ultra blend and the multifunctional start and stop button and when we add the presence of the integrated pro extractor blades it means that you will never face any difficulties in terms of use according to those who’ve already purchased this product the blending process is actually really smooth due to the fact that the blades are strong enough to chop off Whole Foods seeds and even ice while extracting the vitamins so the final result will be you drinking healthy and tasty drinks another great thing about this unit is that it packs bpa-free components which by default means that your health won’t be affected negatively while on the other side the Nutri ninja BL 482 as dishwasher safe as well so won’t have any difficulties when it is time for cleaning since I’ve mentioned the cleaning I would like to advise you to clean this blender instantly after you’re done making smoothies because if the ingredients dry you may encounter some difficulties finally the only complaint users had regarding the Nutri ninjas performance was the noise but it is just a personal experience so once you get this product you will see whether you will like it or not but either way this doesn’t mean that we are talking about a poor performer to conclude I strongly recommend you consider this product because it is affordable and offers a great value for its price tag next up at number 3 we have the kasoori C 700 prowl the kasoori C 700 Pro is a multi-purpose personal blender that is among the most purchased products in its category mainly because of its ability to output a consistent and truly impressing performance that can without a doubt satisfy even the most demanding customers on the market the C 700 Pro sports a sleek bpa-free construction that consists of a commercial grade 2 HP motor stainless steel razor-sharp blade assembly a container of 70 ounces and a personal travel bottle of 27 ounces of which you can take an advantage if you are in hurry at the lower bottom of the base you can notice the presence of two switches that are flanked by a switch dial positioned on the center so let’s briefly explain their purposes the switch on the left will let you choose the soup or the pulse function the dial will let you adjust the performance while the switch on the right will be there for turning the device on or off so as you can see the C 700 Pro is extremely easy to use performance wise this blender can cut through virtually everything you store starting from veggies fruits nuts and ice which has really due to the fact that you can experiment with different recipes for instance except for creating smoothies you can use it as a food processor coffee grinder ice crushed whole food juicer and more so you will never feel restricted in terms of use another great thing about this device has its integrated motor that can output up to 30,000 rotations per minute which by default means that everything you want to prepare will be done within a very short period of time moreover the C 700 Pro employs an automatic overload and overheat protection as well meaning that this blender is extremely safe to use so you shouldn’t stress yourself literally about anything last but not least this unit is also extremely easy to clean due to the fact that it is dishwasher safe and is shipped with a cleaning brush which will drastically easier cleaning sessions for your ultimate user experience overall the kasoori c 700 pro as a must-have option especially if you want to invest in a versatile personal blender that will never disappoint you with its performance moving on

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