Top 5 Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

pocket bike black friday deals 2022

In this post we provide you the top 5 trending Pocket Bike Black Friday deals 2019 for you which can save you a lot of money.

For the parents whose kids are adventurous and into riding bikes, buying a pocket bike for them will surely be a good move. Pocket bikes may not be as fast as the real ones but when it comes to the safety of your kids what more can you ask for.

Well, I agree that they are a little expensive. But I have a good news for you, Black Friday 2022 has brought Pocket Bike Black Friday 2022 Deals where you can buy your favorite pocket bike at a big fat discount. This is a once in a year opportunity so don’t miss it.


Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

In this post, we go over the Top 5 Pocket Bike Black Friday 2022 Deals in the market today. Here is the list:

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Your kids will surely feel like they also have a real one with any of these top choices.  Let’s head on to the post.


Razor MX350 Electric Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

Razor MX350 Electric Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

The Razor MX350 Electric Pocket Motocross Bike black Friday deal 2022 is the first one on our list.

This miniature electric powered dirt bike for younger riders is capable about racing other pocket bikes brands on the road for the speed of 14 miles per hour. It definitely makes their off-road adventures more exciting and fun.

The Razor MX350 has 12-inch large pneumatic knobby tires that guarantee maximum power transfer to keep you geared for the dirt.

A high torque single speed chain driven motor features a twist grip throttle control that provides ultra powerful yet quiet operation. Other features include hand operated rear brake, double crown fork, folding footpegs and retractable kickstand.

To keep the ride extra comfortable no matter how tough the action is the adjustable riser handlebars have soft rubber grips. The manufacturer’s objective to provide scaled-down dirt bikes for young adventurer spirits created a buzz in the market which escalated in demand for the razor motocross bike.

Everybody wants to experience how it performs proving this pocket bike superior and the number of praises in Sports illustrated for kids. The ride is up to 30 minutes of continuous use comes with a battery charger to power up the two 12-volt lead-acid rechargeable batteries.

Thanks to the Black Friday, it is selling on all-time low price. Definitely check out this Razor MX350 Electric Pocket Bike Black Friday Deal 2022.


XtremepowerUS Gas Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

XtremepowerUS Gas Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

Next on our list is the XtremepowerUS Gas Pocket Bike Bike Black Friday Deal 2022.

This mean machine packs quite a punch for a small bike. The balance of power and stability of this ride is perfect for adventurous children and teenagers. The XtremepowerUS Gas Pocket Bike has a tubular steel frame for increased stability.

The 40 CC four-stroke engine gives this pocket bike a serious power booster. The bike is equipped with a gas tank with a 0.32-gallon capacity which converts to a cruising range of 26 miles per tank.

This pocket bike can run at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour. Don’t underestimate this bad boy. This pocket bike has a maximum weight capacity of 175 pounds.

The variable twist grip throttle and angle adjustable handlebars combined for easy grip and better control. The XtremepowerUS Gas Pocket Bike boasts a large 11-inch pneumatic street tire equipped with front and rear disc brakes to keep the bike stable at bumps and dips.

The bike only weighs around 50 pounds which makes this sleek machine not too heavy nor too light for your little daredevil. The XtremepowerUS gas-powered pocket bike also comes in different colors perfect for your proud and stylish rider.

This bike sells at a high price throughout the year but thanks to Pocket Bike Black Friday Sale 2022 that it has a big fat discount available on it.


Go-Bowen 40cc Gas Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

Go-Bowen 40cc Gas Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

Next on our list is the Go-Bowen 40cc Gas Pocket Bike Black Friday Deal 2022.

This is another exceptional pocket bike that you may consider getting for your little one. The Go-Bowen pocket bike has a capacity of 1.2 liters of gas riding. This is designed especially for teenagers above 14 years.

The Go-Bowen bike can hold up to 150 pounds with 11-inch pneumatic tires and can go up to a speed of 18 miles per hour.

A 40 cubic centimeter four-stroke motor gives you lots of power to move and provide the driver a more extended ride time than other pocket bikes in the market.

It also comes with front and rear disc brakes and fully armed with a tubular steel frame. The steel frame gives it an added rigid stability.

The Go-Bowen mini motorcycle is an excellent introduction bike for young riders. It’s available in blue-green, white-red and what makes this great is you will not have any problem mixing gas and oil because this is a four-stroke bike. It takes normal gas right out of the pump.

With 40*20*21 inches dimensions make it compact enough for storage in the backyard, This is one excellent pocket bike for your kids.

Well, with that huge discount available, it is my third favorite Black Friday deal


XtremepowerUS Gas Power Mini Pocket Motorcycle Black Friday Deals 2022

XtremepowerUS Gas Power Mini Pocket Motorcycle Black Friday Deals 2022

At number four is the XtremepowerUS 40 CC four-stroke gas-powered mini pocket motorcycle Black Friday deal 2022.

This kid-friendly pocket bike is sure to impress your teenage daredevil both with its design and power. This pocket bike is ideal for teenagers 13 yrs old and above. It has a 40 cubic centimeter four-stroke engine that can run up to a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour.

It uses a pull start ignition and is street-legal which means it can be used with or without the need for plates or licenses. It uses standard front and back disc brakes and features a large 10.5-inch pneumatic tire for easier balance.

One impressive upside of the XtremepowerUS Gas Power Mini Pocket Motorcycle is its large gas tank which can go as far as 42 kilometers per tank.

It weighs only 53 pounds and has an overall dimension of 40 inches by 18.5 by 22.8 inches. This small yet sturdy mini pocket bike can be easily stored in your garage without taking up too much space. The XtremepowerUS Mini Pocket Motorcycle is very easy to assemble, easy to ride and it looks like the real thing.

So, your little daredevil will look like a rock star riding this stylish bike.  If you are looking to buy this bike this is the best time in the whole year to do so.

Thanks to Black Friday 2022, XtremepowerUS 40 CC is selling at much lower price.


Rosso Motors Mini Pocket Bike Black Friday deal 2022

Rosso Motors Mini Pocket Bike Black Friday deal 2022

Last but definitely not least is the Rosso Motors Mini Pocket Bike Black Friday deal.

This minibike is an approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  It is specially manufactured for kids 5 years old and above.  The best thing is they have focussed much on kids safety.

This miniature but powerful pocket bike comes in a sleek design with a funky camouflage color of black and grey, perfect to complete an adventurous getup. But it’s built with a lighter frame with the dimension of 38 inches by 20 inches by 22 inches.

Do not underestimate the small structure as it has a big two-stroke engine that makes it run at a faster speed up to 15 miles per hour.

The wheelbase is at 26 inches and the seat height is 8 inches uniquely designed for a maximum rider weight of 160 pounds. Its 11-inch tires are made of a pneumatic rubber front and rear brakes that offer a convenient run.

Moreover, this mini bike is fully automatic giving your child a smoother maneuver on his Road Drive. This kids bike is wrapped up with a pole start which makes it easier to use by your child’s small hands.

This gas-powered mini bike can fill up to 1.25 liters and can cruise roughly 20 miles on a full tank Rosso Motors motorcycle is a miniature version of the adult bike produced wonderfully to fit your younger adventurer perfectly.

Well, the discount available on this wonderful bike forced me to include this in our list of top 5 pocket bike Black Friday deals 2019.


Conclusion: Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

Well, these are the Top 5 Pocket Bike Black Friday Deals 2022 on the market today. These 5 pocket bikes are available at huge discounts.

We’ve gone through several products and have come up with the top five to help you choose the perfect pocket bike for kids and that too available at a big fat discount due to Black Friday sale.

Our aim is to help take away the hassle of going through Black Friday ads and just leave you with the fun part.

You’ll never get such deals in the whole year. These are exclusive deals only for the Black Friday so grab these deals before Black Friday sale ends.


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