Cable Modem Black Friday Deals 2021

cable modem black friday deals 2020

Black Friday 2021 has brought amazing Cable Modem Black Friday Deals 2021. Here you can grab really amazing cable modems at heavy discounts. These deals are exclusive for Black Friday so check out these deals and grab them if you like.

Top 5 Cable Modem Black Friday Deals 2021

Here are the top 5 cable modem Black Friday deals 2021:

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NETGEAR Gigabit Cable Modem Black Friday Deal 2020

NETGEAR Gigabit Cable Modem Black Friday Deal 2020

Number one trending deal is the NETGEAR Gigabit Cable Modem Black Friday deal 2020. The NETGEAR Gigabit is an ultra-high-speed DOCSIS 3.1 certified cable modem. It would be an extremely good choice for you especially if you want to invest in a cable modem that supports all cable internet speed tiers of up to 1000 megabits per second.

The Netgear supports a black mesh body that houses an array of LED lights placed in a narrow piece of metal including a power downstream upstream internet and Ethernet light. While at the rear you can find a reset button, single LAN Gigabit, Ethernet port, a coaxial cable connector, a power adapter input, a power on and off button.

The bottom part is supported by a stand which shares the same color as the whole device. Now let’s talk about the features.

This particular model has 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels for DOCSIS 3.0 connection a maximum data transfer of up to 6 gigabits per second in the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. But in practice, the integrated gigabit ethernet port will offer you only one gigabit per second which is quite normal.

I’d also advise you to keep in mind that the transfer rate may vary upon your service plan, the volume of the network traffic. Thanks to its specs most of the users are satisfied with the modems ability to provide you a quick and reliable streaming of 4k UHD content.

Most of them claimed that this modem is also extremely suitable for online gaming. For your information, this device isn’t compatible with Verizon AT&T CenturyLink nor with cable bundled voice services. But if you’re a user of Xfinity Cox Mediacom cable and similar services you won’t have any issues in terms of compatibility.

Moving on the CM 1000 integrates a Broadcom BCM 3390 chipset 128 megabytes of flash memory and 256 megabytes of RAM. So, I have to admit that I’m impressed with the hardware due to the fact that it makes it a really tough competitor with the other cable modems in this price range.

Overall I’d strongly recommend you consider the CM 1000 as your next purchase and if you ever decide to purchase it you will assure yourself of its high-end Cape abilities.

Huge discount available on NETGEAR Gigabit Cable Modem brings this deal among the top 5 cable modem Black Friday deals 2021.


TP-Link Archer CR1900 Black Friday Deal 2020

TP-Link Archer CR1900 Black Friday Deal 2020

Next amazing Black Friday deal is the TP-Link Archer CR1900 Black Friday Deal 2021. The tp-link archer CR 1900 is a high-speed dual-band DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and router. It was specifically designed to deliver up to 300 percent faster download speeds than the usual 8 by 4 modems with the intention to maximize the quality of your internet like you’ve never felt before.

The CR1900 boasts an attractive and compact all-black body that has a mesh pattern on the side, 8 LED lights at the front, 2 USB ports single coaxial RF connector and four Gigabit Ethernet ports placed at the rear while at the bottom there is the stand which supports this device extremely well.

So as you can see you will not only be informed about the status but you will also be fully supplied in terms of connection options. But now let’s talk about the performance. The archer CR 1900 is armed with a dual-core 1 gigahertz processor and a dedicated modem processor. These make this unit capable to dramatically improve the Wi-Fi performance of your network.

With this modem, you and your loved ones can have a fast and uninterrupted usage. As a result, you can download large media files, stream 4k movies, game and much more without noticing any significant decrease in the performance.

So I have to admit that the manufacturer has done a really good job here. Moreover, the dual 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi bands will offer you a throughput of up to 1,900 Mbps as the manufacturer claims and thanks to the incorporated beamforming technology, this device will direct a better connection to your wireless devices which I absolutely favor.

For your information, you can download the tethers app as well through which you can access the Wi-Fi settings, set privileges and have a greater management and control over the device since all it takes is a simple tap on your smartphone.

Thanks to its 3 internal antennas and the high-powered amplifiers, your Wi-Fi range will be significantly strengthened on one side while on the other they will ensure a reduced interference. It is something that every one of us likes to have.

TP-Link Archer CR1900 is available on Black Friday sale at a big fat discount. Definitely check out this deal and grab it before Black Friday 2021 sale ends.


NETGEAR CM600 Cable Modem Black Friday Deal 2021

NETGEAR CM600 Cable Modem Black Friday Deal 2021

Next up at number three is NETGEAR CM600 Black Friday Deal 2021. The net gear CM 600 is the upgraded version of the CM 500. So, if you like the CM 500, wait until you hear what does this have to offer.

The CM 600 supports an all-black construction that is followed by triangular ventilation cutouts which will ensure that this unit will get the optimal cooling. This is in order to maintain its fast performance from the moment you set it up.

At the front there is a large status LED panel that is composed of 5 icons while at the rear you can find a power input an on and off button, a coaxial connection, reset button and a Gigabit Ethernet port so as you can see you won’t have any difficulties in terms of connecting.

Since its construction is pretty straightforward at the bottom as expected. you can see a sleek stand which suits the unit’s aesthetics on one side while on the other, the stand is really stable. So the chances that the modem may fall are set to a minimum if not zero.

Let’s discuss its features. This particular model supports 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels. This is really useful due to the fact that your internet access will be reliable. When they add the speed of up to 680 Mbps, it means that you can download large files quickly and have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Moreover, the CM 600 is ideal for cable internet service plans of up to 200 Mbps. Once you set this model to your home you will instantly notice the difference.

Thanks to its strong capabilities, another great thing about this device is that it is backward compatible with DOCSIS 2.0 networks even though it is designed to meet the DOCSIS 3.0 criteria.

As its predecessor finally the CM 600 is not compatible with Verizon AT&T and CenturyLink internet cable providers but you won’t have any issues with Cox cable, one spectrum, and Comcast. So keep this information before you purchase it.

The best thing is that it is available at a huge discount. So surely check out this deal and grab it if you like it.


NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS Black Friday Deal 2021

NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS Black Friday Deal 2021

Next trending deal is the NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS Black Friday Deal 2021.  The Netgear CM 500 is a mid-range cable modem that is among the most purchased products in its price range. So let’s get quickly into action and find out what’s so special about it.

The CM 500 features an all glossy black slim plastic body that doesn’t feel or look cheap. Considering the fact that it is made of plastic it means that you should clean it from time to time since it attracts dust easily.

At the front, you can instantly notice the LED indicators which will notify you about the power status, upstream data, downstream data internet connection. While at the back there is a coaxial connection, Ethernet port, and a power jack.

Finally, at the bottom, there is the stand which according to the users is good enough to keep this model stable on various surfaces. So when you see it as a whole, this unit looks really good. But now let’s talk about the performance.

First of all, I’d like to inform you that this model is certified to work with all the major internet cable providers including spectrum, Comcast cable vision, Cox Xfinity and more. So from the very beginning, you already know that this unit performs really well.

Moving on the CM500 supports 16 by 4 downstream channels and is capable enough to provide you a reliable internet connection of up to 300 megabytes per second. Numerous users have stated that this device works pretty well with a 400 megabits per second connection as well. It is something that I particularly like.

If we take into consideration its 16 by 4 bonded channels for downstream and upstream data. This means that it’s theoretical max speed is up to 680 megabits per second but this rarely happens and that’s why 300 megabits per second is what you can expect.

Another interesting thing about the CM 500 is that it shows positive results even if you’re downloading large files to your desktop PC consoles and even 4k Netflix streaming. So if we compare what you pay and get in return, I think that this cable modem is top-notch indeed.

The Black Friday deal available on NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS makes it more appealing. You can’t get such a deal throughout the year. So, don’t miss this opportunity and check out this deal.


Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 (CM3024) Black Friday Deal 2020

Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 (CM3024) Black Friday Deal 2020

Next and final trending Black Friday deal is Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 (CM3024) Black Friday deal 2020. The Linksys CM 3024 is an inexpensive cable modem that would be a really good option for everyone who wants to taste the benefits of having a stable high-speed Internet without paying hundreds of dollars.

This unit has an all-black vertically positioned rectangular construction that is accompanied by small rectangles which are spread along the left and the right side. While at the bottom there is a large built-in stand which does a really good job in keeping this modem fixed in place.

Thanks to its construction, this modem won’t occupy much space on one side while on the other since it is compact. You can place it however you want without any issue. At the front, there is an array of vertically aligned LED lights labeled as power received, send status and Ethernet.

While at the rear you can find a Gigabit Ethernet port and a cable port which is basically a coaxial RF connector that is used to connect to an active cable signal.

Now let’s talk about the features. The unit is armed with an Intel Puma 6 chipset which is specifically designed to provide you a high-speed upstream and downstream performance. It makes it an ideal for Internet service plans that are rated at 250 megabytes per second and above.

Moreover, this model uses the channel bonding technology which will dramatically improve the efficiency of the data transfer. When we add the fact that CM3024 has 24 download and 8 upload bonded channels, the manufacturer states that the transfer rates over your existing cables may go as high as 950 Mbps. This is really awesome.

Finally, most of the users have claimed that they are satisfied with the performance. And if you ask me they are not far from the truth due to the fact that the Linksys CM3024 will maximize the Wi-Fi speed. So you won’t really notice lag while gaming or deal with slow web browsing.

Also, there is a big fat discount available on Linksys CM3024 which brings it into the list of top 5 cable modems Black Friday 2021 deals.

Conclusion : Cable Modem Black Friday Deals 2021

These were the best 5 cable modem Black Friday deals 2021. Definitely check out these exclusive deals where you can get huge discounts. Grab these amazing cable modem deals before the Black Friday 2021 ends.

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