Security Cameras Black Friday Deals 2021

Hey, guys are you excited Black Friday 2021 sale. I guess you are, therefore I have good news for you. If you are searching for nice deals on security cameras then let me tell you that there are amazing security cameras Black Friday deals 2021 available right now.

These deals are giving huge discounts so you should definitely check out these top 5security cameras Black Friday deals here.

Top 5 Security Cameras Black Friday Deals 2021

Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 Black Friday Deal 2020

Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 Black Friday Deal 2020

Number one trending deal on our list is the Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 Black Friday deal 2020. If you’ve heard of ubiquity before then it’s probably from their Wi-Fi solutions and commercial and carrier grade hardware.

But nonetheless Ubiquity also has a range of video security Hardware like cameras recorders and the software to use them.

There are 3 different cameras in the Unifi video lineup. The G3 is weatherproof and delivers 1080p at 30fps.

Design-wise, this camera is covered with an all-white body and an embedded Ubiquiti logo at the site which presents and gives a great look to the overall aesthetics.

This unit has a Unifi interface for camera management that includes being able to change white balance and contrast on each camera.

Also, this camera has infrared LEDs with an automatic cut over as well as a built-in microphone which will make your user experience enjoyable and satisfying.

In addition, installing this camera can be easier than you might think once you understand that you need to run the network cable.

The G3 comes apart from its mounting which is fitted with a rubber seal around the network cable to protect the camera from water ingress.

Like many other cameras in the market, the G3 includes a software app as well. Everything is controlled by the Unifi video software which is a website running locally either on the NVR or your own server.

This is also where you set everything up. The setup is simple. As soon as the cameras are plugged into the network they appear on the software and once adopted they can be used and adjusted.

This also brings up that there are numerous settings to control such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, orientation and so on.

Furthermore, this brings me on to motion configuration which I think is a really powerful feature of this system.

For each camera, you can define a motion zone and sensitivity and you can test these settings in real time by seeing a chart of motion when the trigger threshold is reached.

In addition to this, footage from the camera is accessible from the Unifi software by searching either by camera type or date and time which can be downloaded as mp4 files for your own security footage collection.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-end security solution for your home or anywhere else then the Unifi UVC-G3 would be your best choice.


Amcrest ProHD Black Friday Deal 2020

Amcrest ProHD Black Friday Deal 2020

Next trending deal on the list is the Amcrest ProHD Black Friday deal 2020. With all the choices available in the market today, it could be a bit tricky to find the most suitable surveillance system for your home business or store that will suit all your needs.

But let’s see what this camera has to offer.

From a design perspective, this camera is available in black-white and light gray. It comes with a ceiling mount, an Ethernet cable, an AC adapter, with a 10-foot power cord and a quick start guide.

This particular model has a 1080p camera with a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor that features a 90-degrees field of view and 3 times digital zoom. It uses 12 infrared LEDs to deliver up to 30 feet of night vision range.

The Amcrest ProHD also has a built-in microphone and speaker for 2-way audio and uses Wi-Fi to connect to your home network.

So let’s talk about performance.

You can choose to set up this camera using Wi-Fi but you can also use a wired Ethernet connection.

Once up and running, the pro HD delivers very sharp live and record 1080p video with excellent color quality. Black-and-white night vision video is also sharp with good contrast. However, minor pincushion distortion is evident around the edges of the image.

In addition, a pan and tilt mechanism is very quiet and provides smooth maneuvering but the action is much slower when using the mobile app than it is when using the web interface.

As far as motion and audio detection go, they work pretty well and the push notifications arrive instantly. Also, image detail remains crisp even while using the digital zoom. 2-way audio is loud and clear.

Moreover, this camera also has a microSD slot that allows you to store your recorded video locally or you can use Amcrest’s cloud storage service but it doesn’t come cheap.

Overall, if you’re looking for an all-season camera that none of the dangerous weather elements will harm quality and great building design with an easy setup than the impressed pro HD would be your best option.

Nest Security Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

Nest Security Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

coming in at number three is the nest security camera nest security cameras have been on the market for quite a long time now and considering their successes and trusted products on the market we decided to include the nest security camera in our list as well the nest cam sports a sleek design with a smooth cool gray metal stand supporting a glossy black camera eye that makes you feel as if you’re being watched the magnetic base provides stability for the camera while supporting a slim pivoting leg that attaches to the lens at the top of the lens you can find a single LED that flashes blue when the camera is trying to connect to the network and stays solid green when it’s on and recording the convenient 10-foot power USB cord plugs into a microUSB port in the back of the camera the USB portion disconnects from the plug prompt allowing the camera to plug into any USB port such as on a laptop or desktop another important point to mark is that the nest cam comes with a magnetic base and a wall mounting plate and Hardware giving you several options for camera placement like on the wall standing on a flat surface on a tripod or even stuck on the fridge now let’s talk about the features what a major pluses of the nest cam is it’s crisp 1080p streaming video coupled with the cameras wide-angle lens and eight times zoom the picture quality is tough to beat the free nest app for Android and iOS is basic and straightforward a simple homepage displays all of your installed nest devices with the drop down menu giving access to settings and account information moreover the nest cams eight times zoom works quite well allowing you to pinch and zoom in or out on a certain area on your touchscreen device which is a pretty nice feature but keep in mind that this camera won’t capture a great amount of detail when fully zoomed even when employing the enhanced function to wrap this one up the nest cam is a superior security camera that offers easy setup and usability and the camera’s wide-angle lens and crystal-clear 1080p resolution are truly high definition the night vision is unbeatable so to gather it all if you ever decide to purchase this unit you won’t regret your decision.


Yi Home Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

Yi Home Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

coming in at number four is the ye home camera the security camera is a staple device in most smart home ecosystems these days whether you’re looking to monitor your pets kids or just keep an eye out for intruders there’s likely a host of cameras on the market that will suit your needs and the Yi 1080p home camera is just that design-wise Yi’s 1080p home camera comes mounted in a white sturdy feeling stand it features an all white body with a gray embedded logo on the front center which gives an amazing look to the overall aesthetics and to be clear this camera is one of the favorite marked cameras out there as with all security cameras storage is always something that must be addressed the Yi 1080p home camera has a micro SD slot that can be used to store videos locally on 32 gigabyte cards as well as a cloud-based subscription model however this camera doesn’t include a microSD card but it shouldn’t be a problem to grab on separately now let’s talk about the performance as with most of the cameras out there this particular model also features a home app which will let you access your camera with your mobile app anytime and anywhere and it also allows sharing your camera with up to five family members or friends and viewing multiple cameras on a single account in addition this unit has an enhanced night vision with eight individual 940 infrared LEDs which will automatically turn on infrared in low-light conditions allowing you to see clearly in the dark and if you’re wondering about the activity alerts the baby crying detection and motion detection features use state-of-the-art technology to detect and send notifications to your phone and the activity alerts give you access up to seven days of storage in ye cloud available free of charge without a microSD memory card or a year cloud subscription which in my opinion is pretty good overall the Yi 1080p home cameras ease of use on top of the helpful options make this an enticing home security option.


Reolink PoE Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

Reolink PoE Camera Black Friday Deal 2020

at number 5 it’s the rio link POA camera rio link has been a trusted provider for security solutions for businesses and consumers for nearly a decade and with their latest affordable RLC 410 IP camera they covered the usage of this camera for both indoor and outdoor or as part of a more comprehensive surveillance system which provides exceptional image quality and features from a design perspective the RLC 410 is covered with an all-white body it looks pretty elegant and it mostly takes its design cues from CCTV cameras rather than the webcam style Hobe monitors that are popular now this particular model features many elements that indicate its quality like the waterproof cables and aluminium alloy body that indicate that it was designed with exterior environments in mind now however let’s talk about the performance this unit is not a wireless camera but you don’t need to worry about the connectivity since all you’ll need to plug in is one cable it supports power over ethernet which means that it draws its electrical power from the same cat 5e cable that is used for the video the RLC 410 differentiates itself from most other DIY security camps by not requiring a cloud subscription to store the video if you use the camera independently you can save footage locally to your PC in addition the 1440p super HD camera features long distance night vision that ranges from 65 feet up to a hundred feet with 18 infrared LEDs and it also has up to an 80 degree one viewing angle that captures clearer and sharper images and video which pretty much fills up every security measure any customer would ever want to have and to make your security solutions even easier reowww link also includes versatile apps with a remote view which means that it provides an app for iPhone and Android which supports at least 8 camera sources such as live view remote view motion detection live stream control and recorded video playback so considering all these features we can confidently say that Rio link did a great job building and designing this camera to conclude if you’re just looking for a simple way to keep your security intact then the Rio link IP RLC 410 camera would be your best choice.


Verdict: Security Cameras Black Friday Deals 2021