Smart Scale Black Friday Deals 2020

smart scale black friday deals

In this article, you’ll find top 5 trending Smart Scale Black Friday deals 2020 . These are some mind-blowing Black Friday 2020 deals on smart scales where you can grab huge discounts.

Top 5 Smart Scale Black Friday Deals 2020

Here are the top 5 Smart Scale Black Friday deals 2020 :

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Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Number one trending deal is the Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale Black Friday Deal 2020 . The Fitbit Aria is surely one of the best if not the best scales on the market.

It is due to the fact that this scale packs smart functionalities, high-end performance and an extremely beautiful construction that makes this device suitable for any decor.

For your information, this unit comes in two color options so you can choose whether the black colored or the white colored one. However, keep in mind that both of them look fantastic and perform the same so you can’t go wrong.

Moreover, the Aria 2 supports a tempered glass that is accompanied by a circular LCD display and curved patterns. Patterns are spread along its top part while at the bottom you can notice four sturdy feet which will ensure a higher level of stability.

So once you place the scale on your floor the scale won’t move. However, the manufacturer advises that you should avoid storing the scale on a carpet because it may interfere with the accuracy of the results. So instead it is preferable to place it on hard floors.

Since we are talking about a smart scale I would like to inform you that Aria 2 can recognize up to 8 users. Each user will have its information stored separately. Once you download the Fitbit app and sync this scale with it, all the information will automatically be sent to your Fitbit account.

This is really cool. Moving on, this scale aside from its ability to track your weight can also track your lean mass body fat BMI and more. So you can read all that information from your smartphone.

Another interesting thing about the Fitbit app is that it will let you set your own goals. And it would reward you once you achieve them with the intention to keep you motivated and healthy for your ultimate user experience.

Finally, this model is powered by four double A batteries which may last really long. And when it is time to change them Aria 2 will notify you. So you shouldn’t worry literally about anything. To conclude the Fitbit Aria 2 is a must-have option because it has everything that guarantees long years of usage.

Black Friday 2020 offers a huge discount Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale. It is one of the most trending Black Friday deal. Definitely check out this deal.


Garmin Index Smart Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Garmin Index Smart Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Next amazing deal is the Garmin Index Smart Scale Black Friday deal 2020 . The Garmin index is currently among the best and most purchased scales on the market. Dozens of users are continuously purchasing it, thanks to its high-end capabilities.

So let’s dive into action and find out what’s the secret behind its success. First of all this scale is available in two colors which are the navy blue with black accents and the all-white version. So without thinking twice, you can choose the one that suits your preference the most.

Both of them are unique in their own way and share the same functionalities. At the top of the unit, there is an exceptionally bright display which will provide you with extra large numbers. These numbers can be seen both in the night and from distance, so in terms of visibility, I think that you will never find any remarks.

In addition, the display has embedded 5 embedded icons that will notify you about various metrics. There are three additional weight icons as well which means that you will be informed literally about everything.

Well, it won’t take long until you pair it with your smartphone. Also, this scale can recognize up to 16 people and keep their data and automatically upload them via Wi-Fi to the users Garmin Connect account. For your information, the Garmin Connect app is compatible with both Android and iOS users. So do not hesitate to download it and use all of its features.

You can combine your Garmin fitness tracker with the Kinect app as well. This is really interesting since the scale will distribute you even better and detailed information about your overall health.

For now, I’m really unable to find any remarks. When it comes to the accuracy most of the users claimed that they were really satisfied with the information. It doesn’t surprise me at all because Garmin is well known for producing quality products and this product isn’t any different.

Finally, battery life is extremely durable because it may last up to 9 months of daily use. This is without any doubt really long. Overall the Garmin index is worthy of considering and if you ever decide to purchase it you will never regret that decision.

You’ll be glad to know that Garmin Index Smart Scale is selling at the all-time low price this Black Friday. So, don’t forget to check out this deal.


Yunmai Premium Smart Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Next trending deal is the Yunmai Premium smart scale Black Friday deal 2020 .

The Yunmai Premium smart scale is a mid-range two-in-one smart scale and body fat monitor. This would be a really good option for you especially if you’re looking for such a device without spending hundreds of dollars.

The Yunmai Premium smart scale has an exceptionally thin curved shaped construction that is accompanied by a sleek glass surface. The surface is covered with an Ito coating and a concealed LED display positioned on the top. So when you see it as a whole it does really look beautiful.

On the lower part, there are 4 rubber feet which are surely a great addition due to the fact that they will ensure a higher level of stability. It ensures that the scale will always stay fixed in its place. For your information, this model comes in two colors that are white and the navy black.

But regardless of your choice both of them share the same functionalities. I’d recommend you download the Yunmai app in order to have a real-time body matrix. This body matrix will be directly sent to your smartphone. You can see information regarding your BMI muscle hydration, body fat, bone mass and much more.

What makes the information accurate is the integrated 24-bit conversion chip with a processing resolution of 16 million and the low power MCU. It works closely together to deliver the most accurate information. That’s maybe the main reason why are people purchasing this device.

However, please note that pregnant women and people who have a pacemaker should not use this scale. But others won’t have any issues. So keep this information in mind before you start using the Yunmai scale.

Moving on, this unit can effectively sync up to sixteen family members. Each person may use its smartphone individually to check the body measurements which is awesome.

Last but not the least this unit is powered by four triple-a batteries that may last up to six months of daily use. It is a quality smart scale and the best thing is that there is a huge discount available on this smart scale. So, definitely check out this deal.


GreaterGoods Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

GreaterGoods Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Next trending deal is the GreaterGoods scale Black Friday deal 2020 .

The greater goods scale is a quality scale that combines an attractive design and multi-platform capabilities. It gives a high-end performance with the intention to maximize the accuracy of your measurements.

This device features an elegant and compact construction that integrates a tempered glass surface. It is finished with a black pattern which adds even more beauty to its already beautiful appearance. At the top, there is a large LCD screen which will offer you a clearer insight of your weight. You may see even from distance.

In addition, this scale is supported by scratch-resistant non-slip feet. I absolutely prefer these due to the fact that once you place the greater goods scale, it won’t move and cause inaccurate information.

I would also like to inform you that its tempered glass surface may hold users at up to 400 pounds. This is good proof that says a lot regarding how sturdy this scale actually is. Moreover, this device can sync your data with the most popular fitness apps as well starting with google fit apple health Fitbit and many others.

I have to praise the manufacturer here since there aren’t many scales in this price range with such capabilities. I would also like to suggest you download the weight gurus smart app. With this app, you can see your weight, the body fat muscle mass BMI and water weight from your smartphone.

So aside from the weight, you will be informed about your overall health as well. Moving on this scale can separately sync to each member of your family through one-to-one pairing. So no one except you may be able to see the results which is really cool.

For your information, the scale can detect up to eight users. So as you can see for the price you pay this scale is a real beast. Before we end please keep in mind that this scale is not suitable for children under 10 years of age, people who have medical electronic implants and pregnant women. But for everyone else, it is more than good.

Overall, if you’re looking for a scale that offers a great value for its price tag then this is the one for you. It is selling like hotcakes on Black Friday due to the heavy discount available on its price tag. Surely check out this deal.


Etekcity Digital Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Etekcity Digital Scale Black Friday Deal 2020

Fifth amazing deal on smart scales is the Etekcity Digital scale Black Friday deal 2020 .

The Etekcity digital scale is an extremely affordable bathroom scale. But it is strong enough to compete even with the most popular scales in the mid-range category.

This unit has a sleek black and silver body from which the presence of black is dominant along the front part. But we can also notice the gray presence along the left and right borders. So, aesthetically speaking this scale looks pretty handsome.

At the top, there is a 3.1 inch bright LCD screen which will light up from the moment you put your feet. If you flip this scale you can see that there is a battery compartment which houses two 1.5 volt triple-a batteries.

Also, there are 2 skid padding’s positioned on each side which will drastically enhance the scale stability and a button which will let you switch between pounds and kilos.

I would also like to mention that the Etekcity smart scale is equipped with quality sensors. These sensors can provide accurate measurements to up to 0.2 pounds.

Most of the users claim that this device is sturdy as well. Since the surface where you will put your feet is made of a six-millimeter tempered glass which is sturdy enough to handle users that weigh it up to 400 pounds.

The scale will inform you if it feels in overload. So in terms of usability, I think that you already know that we are talking about an easy-to-use device that does its job perfectly fine.

Before we end, I’d like to suggest you stay evenly on the scale without moving or shifting your feet and body in order to get the most accurate results. You should also avoid placing the scale on soft surfaces or carpets. So, instead place it on hard and flat surfaces and within seconds you will be informed about your current weight.

To conclude the Etekcity digital scale deserves your attention because it is affordable but its performance is truly unreal. It is available with a huge discount available on its price tag only for the Black Friday 2020 . So, surely check out this deal and grab it before Smart scale Black Friday 2020 sale ends.


Conclusion: Smart Scale Black Friday Deals 2020

Well, these were the top 5 smart scales Black Friday deals 2020 . You can grab big fat discounts on these high-end smart scales. Also note, these deals are only for the Black Friday 2020 so, grab them before the sale ends.

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