Top 5 Table Lamps Black Friday Deals 2021

table lamps black friday deals

Table Lamps Black Friday Deals 2020

Table Lamps Black Friday Sale 2021 is here. In this post we check out the top 5 Best Table Lamps Black Friday Deals 2020.

When Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan invented the incandescent bulbs in 1878 they never thought it would transform the way we literally and figuratively see the world. Of course none of the most beautiful lamps that we use today would have been possible if not for those two men who invented the incandescent bulb. These 5 best table lamps would make edison and swan smile in unison.

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AUKEY Table Lamp Black Friday Deals 2020

AUKEY Table Lamp Black Friday Deals

The first black friday deal is on the AUKEY LT-T6 Touch Control LED Lamp.

Aside from it being a perfect bedside companion, this elegant table lamp would create a bright and colorful vibe not just in your bedroom but also in your living room, hallways, office and other workplaces because of its colorful display. It has an extensive selection of colors from the red, green, blue spectrum and you can pick and pause on your favorite.

Bulbs used in this are LED this lamp from AUKEY has three lighting modes of warm white light to choose from soft glow, ambient warmth and bright light which is perfect to match your every mood.

The bright setting is great when you’re reading or writing while the other choices are perfect when you want something cozy and comfortable. With this table lamp, you can really get the right lighting that you need whether you’re working in your office or simply resting and relaxing in your very own home.

Another great feature of this table lamp from AUKEY is its very convenient 360-degree touch panel which provides you total control to this product. You just have to tap the touch sensitive base to easily power on and off switch light modes, illuminate, adjust brightness or cycle through stunning vibrant colors.

This amazing lamp comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and is also covered with a 2-year warranty. This just shows how confident the manufacturer is on the durability and quality of the AUKEY bedside lamp.


Surpars Table Lamp Black Friday Deals 2020

Surpars Table Lamp Black Friday Deals

Next up is the Surpars Table Lamp Black Friday Deal 2021 .

This beautifully made product is perfect for a minimalist who wants to add a little accent to their space. If you love a warm and cozy ambience this lamp is for you.

This traditional style product is made with wood stand-in fabric shade it makes it look elegant and unique the shade helps the lamp to diffuse the soft dash of brightness. While the light the beams in vertical direction produces the right amount of light that your eyes need.

With a measurement of 5.5 inches width and 12.6 inches long you can place the lamp anywhere you desire. It can be on the office table or bedside desk. The size will not be a problem because aside from its diminutive size its square design allows you to perfectly put it in any corner or side of your table.

Another feature of this minimalist lamp is the on/off toggle in the middle of the cord. You can turn on or turn off your lamp while lying on your bed and without getting off your chair.

What’s more about this product is you don’t need to manually install parts because it will be delivered to you completely assembled. Just place your 40 watt bulb on the e26 bulb base connect the standard American plug in the socket and turn on the switch. Your lamp is now ready to use.

Illuminate and design your space with supers house minimalist solid wood table lamp bedside desk lamp. The lamp is specially made for minimalists.

Did you know that George card wine a UK engineer who specialises in car suspensions invented the first desk lamps that we know today. He incorporated springs and pivotal arms to the lamp to eliminate the use of counterweights.

Elegant Designs Table Lamp Black Friday Deals 2020

Elegant Designs Table Lamp Black Friday Deals

let’s continue at number three is the elegant designs genuine leather table lamp this stylish lamp measures 10 inches by 6 inches by 21 inches. A size that perfectly fits sofa tables or bedside tables. It’s not too big. too small or too grand just enough to add jazz to your home setting.

Its carefully crafted to create a contemporary style which transcends time. The base is wrapped with a genuine leather body which comes in different colors allowing you to choose a matching one to your decor. The crisp white shade sustains the fresh and clean design. The finished look creates a vibe of sophistication and class to any corner of your home or office space.

This stunner softly eliminates the room creating a warm and inviting atmosphere reading, writing or having conversations become more relaxing when you have this lamp beside you.

It uses 60 watt type a medium incandescent bulb which you need to purchase separately. A rotary switch on the cord makes it easy for you to turn it on or off.

A high-end and versatile design makes it an excellent gift for your partner. The dark masculine colors suit man caves while the light to pastel colors will bring glamour to a woman’s personal space.

Every purchase is backed up with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Before we proceed did you know that the biggest table lamp was created by Frederic and Martin Rodham of Norway in 2013. It stands at 30 feet high and measures 13 feet in diameter.


TaoTronics Table Lamps Black Friday Deals 2020

TaoTronics Table Lamps Black Friday Deals

Next is the TaoTronics Table Lamps Black Friday Deal 2021 .

This bedside lamp is more than just a light. It has a USB port tucked away behind the touch panel that surely comes in handy for when your smartphone or tablet needs a quick charge. No more fumbling to get a charger because the lamp can charge your gadgets for you, plus it’s within reach.

Since our eyes are very important the manufacturer made sure that light is soft saleable and non flickering making it eye friendly and less stressful. You will definitely enjoy your reading writing studying or whatever it is you’re doing for an even longer time with this bedside lamp from Taotronics.

The lamp head, neck and body are adjustable to any angle so no matter what position you need your light in you can adjust it accordingly. Also you get to choose five color modes or temperatures and it’s dimmable within seven levels of brightness to suit your activities all these you can do with just the touch of your fingertip.

It also uses LED bulbs which cost 75% less energy than incandescent lighting for the same level of brightness. Now that’s energy efficiency.

With the taotronics lamp you get a combination of comfort ease of use and eye care that addresses and enhances your life’s needs.


Crystal Table Lamp Black Friday Deals 2020

Crystal Table Lamp Black Friday Deals

Last but not least is the Crystal Table Lamp Black Friday Deal 2021 .

If you want a dazzling lamp that will wow your guests up for this one. This expensive looking embellished cylinder lamp boasts of solid construction. The metal base firmly holds the wired body with a hundred and ten pieces of beautifully cut canine crystals that are hand crafted to prevent flaws.

The outcome is an asymmetrical and unique crystal blanket that sparkles when you light the lamp. Transform your living room , bedroom or study with this decorative lamp. Place it in your nightstand, dresser or counter top to enhance the ambience of the room .

You can also use it to light up a family picture an advance dimming system and four touch sensor settings are integrated into the crystal lamp allowing you to adjust the brightness level. You can have a subdued romantic vibe when you want intimacy or a well lighted area when you’re entertaining. It’s also an ideal table lamp for your aged grandparents.

This gorgeous touch lamp with 1500 millimeter 59 inch plug in power cord saves the problem of fumbling for the light switch of your conventional lamp shade.

A simple touch on the base and the body will help you set low, high or medium settings for the light afterward touch it to turn off the 11 watt incandescent LED bulb.

The global bulb is carefully selected to give off an inviting glow and impressive shadows. It is UL listed so using it in a bedside lamp poses no risk.


Conclusion: Table Lamps Black Friday Deals 2021

There you have it the five best table lamps Black Friday deals that will add life and light to your home or office. Don’t miss out on these Table Lamps Black Friday Deals 2021 .

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