WD My Book Black Friday Deals 2020

WD My Book Black Friday Deal

WD My Book Black Friday Deals 2020

Western Digital Hard Drive Black Friday Sale 2020 is here. WD My Book is being sold at the lowest price ever in this WD My Book Black Friday Deal 2020.

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WD My Book Black Friday Deals 2020



WD My Book Black Friday Deal 2020

The WD My book may not be the most portable hard drive that you can find on the market but if you require a hard drive that is capable enough to keep the valuable information of any busy office then you’ve come to the right place.

This model is available in 8 capacity sizes and in two styles however the one that we are currently is a single drive with 4 terabytes of RAM but feel free to switch if you prefer different storage capacities.

This particular model features an all polished black body that measures 6.7 in height, 1.9 inches in width, 5.5 inches in depth and weighs approximately 2.02 pounds and as I’ve already mentioned even though it may not be compact enough to be stored into your pocket. You can place it into your bag or have it stored on your office desktop.

Moving on the my book employs a single USB 3.0 port interface which is formatted in exFAT meaning that it works with both Mac OS and Windows devices so regardless if you’re a Mac or Windows user you can use this hard drive without any problem.

I would also like to mention that this unit has a built-in 256 bit AES hardware encryption which can be enabled through the WD security software and once you have an access to the software you can set a personalized password and add a greater level of protection to your data so that nobody except you will have a permission.

According to those who’ve already purchased this product the my book does read and write data exceptionally fast and I’m sure that you will notice the same once you bring this drive to your office or home.

On the other side they were particularly satisfied with its durability as well.

So when we combine all these things into one piece without a doubt I can say that my book is simply flawless.


Conclusion: WD My Book Black Friday Deals 2020

Overall you should definitely take the WD my book desktop as your next purchase and if you ever decide to purchase it you will instantly recognize its potential and what makes it different from the others on the market.

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