Longboard Black Friday Deals 2020

Longboard Black Friday Deals

Top 3 Longboard Black Friday Deals 2020

Longboard Black Friday Sale 2020 is trending in the retail market at the moment. Check out the Top 3 Longboard Black Friday Deals 2020.

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Loaded Boards Tesseract Black Friday Deal 2020

Loaded Boards Tesseract Black Friday Deal 2020

The Loaded Boards Tesseract is a versatile longboard oriented towards professionals. The model that we’re currently reviewing is the fiberglass version.

It has an absolutely gorgeous symmetrical shape along with rocker cradles that lock your feet in really well and a bottom layer that dramatically reduces vibration as well as resisting abrasive damage caused by spreading.

Beneath this longboard, you’ll find Paris 180 millimeter 50-degree trucks definitely play a huge role to riding sessions due to the fact that they’re extremely well engineered and capable of offering you an immersive free ride like you’ve never tasted before.

Moreover, according to the users set for a free ride, this longboard is extremely suitable for downhill and freestyle you can see you won’t feel restricted on anything once you start using this unit.

Another great thing about tesseract is its ability to keep stable even if you lean really low and if you prefer a low ride you’ll immediately notice the balance you’ll feel in return.

But that’s not all.

This model is unbelievably fast as well thanks to its orangutan wheels that also offer a quick transition across a variety of surfaces.

When it comes to durability most users were very satisfied. That’s nothing to be surprised about since the fiberglass body and orangutan wheels will guarantee you years of use.

Overall I’d recommend you seriously consider the Loaded Boards Tesseract Black Friday Deal 2020 as your next purchase and if you do you’ll understand why it’s so heavily in demand by the pros.


Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Black Friday Deal 2020

Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Black Friday Deal 2020

Landyachtz Dinghy is a 28-inch skateboard that gives a feeling of riding an actual longboard and the hence we’ve included it in this list.

The dinghy is available in 21 different colors and is extremely light and construction making it easy to carry around through town or campus.

In addition, this particular unit houses a seven-ply maple deck finished with an aggressive design from beneath while on top there’s a foam grip tape that’ll lock your feet in allow you to do any kind of flip or trick and still maintain high levels of stability.

The wheels are specifically engineered to last for a long time and to reduce shock users claim that this board offers them a smooth ride with great maneuverability transitions on the street and the ability to handle quick downhill rides is something that makes this board really feel like a longboard.

To conclude the Landyachtz Dinghy is worth considering if you want to invest in a handsome and yet unbelievably stable board.


Sector 9 Brandy Black Friday Deal 2020

The sector 9 brandy is a versatile 40-inch longboard, currently among the most purchased longboards on the market and no wonder as it looks as good as it performs.  

This board is crafted from maple and is equipped with a quarter inch riser, 10 inches go in trucks which come with a solid reputation so you know right from the start this board is a real player.  

The underbody will grab your attention with a striking image of a bottle of brandy with the name sector 9 written on it. A great eye-catching design.  

The yellow urethane wheels not only fit the aesthetics but also after you create maneuverability allowing you to slide turn or stop at will.   The course grip tape offers you great stability but also allows you to change positions quite easily.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that those have used this longboard were quite impressed with its ability to give you a stable downhill ride.  

One more thing worth noting is that there are multiple truck mounting options on the tail making this a versatile board.  

Overall the Sector 9 Brandy Black Friday Deal 2020 deserves your attention because it looks beautiful and offers great value for the price.  


Conclusion: Longboard Black Friday Deal 2020

Make full use of this opportunity to grab these amazing longboards at a heavy discount in the Longboard Black Friday Sale 2020.

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