Samsung QN65Q9F Black Friday deals 2022

Samsung QN65Q9F TV Black Friday Deal 2022

Black Friday 2022 sale is going on and there are some really great deals on TVs. If you are also looking for a TV, my recommendation for you would be Samsung QN65Q9F. As Samsung QN65Q9F Black Friday deal 2022 is selling with an all-time high discount on this Black Friday sale.

This is a golden chance to grab such a high-end TV on such a low price. You won’t get such a deal throughout the year.

Here is the Samsung QN65Q9F TV Black Friday 2022 deal:

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Samsung QN65Q9F TV Black Friday Deal 2022

Samsung QN65Q9F TV Black Friday Deal 2022

The Samsung QN65Q9F is a fantastic 4k QLED smart TV that has received numerous positive comments from the users on the market especially with its ability to output a truly magnificent brightness and color reproduction.

It will fascinate you from the moment you turn it on. From a design perspective, the QN65Q9F comes with a modern minimalistic construction. It is very thin and you will notice this especially if you view from the side.

If you look from the front, you can notice that the borders have an average thickness and they look pleasing.

At the bottom, there is a chunky U-shaped black stand that does not only look beautiful. But it is strong enough to support the TV exactly as you’d expect so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Moreover, the connection ports consist of an Ethernet port a cable antenna connector 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports which is good.

Now let’s talk about the performance, the QN65Q9F is equipped with the Q engine which is in practice. It does a very good job in clarifying the 4k content you see and will also optimize the color with the intention to maximize your user experience.

In addition, this unit supports HDR 10 and Samsung’s HDR 10 Plus formats. This is really good. However, it does not support Dolby vision so I will leave this up to you to decide whether we can consider it as a remark or not.

When it comes to the screen itself, I want to inform you that it has an anti-reflective coating which will ensure that the glare will never be a problem for you anymore.

Moving on, according to numerous reports, this TV does offer an excellent color reproduction as well as brightness.

To be honest, this doesn’t surprise me due to the fact that Samsung has implemented the quantum dots technology which will ensure that the colors you see are going to be vibrant and consistent from virtually any viewing perspective.

Finally, you can also use this TV for gaming since all you have to do is to select the game mode which drops the input lag down to 15.6 milliseconds. So I think that you will love this TV.


Conclusion: Samsung QN65Q9F TV Black Friday deal 2022

The best news is that Samsung QN65Q9F Black Friday deal 2022 is offering the all-time high discount. So, definitely check out this trending Samsung QN65Q9F Black Friday deal. I am sure you’ll definitely love this deal.


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